10 Reasons Your Company Needs Video Content Right Now

Online video content is growing fast.  So much so that every month over seventy-five million people watch videos online. That is a lot of eyeballs looking for great content.  Recently we made a video about this , but then decided to expand the list from 5 to 10 reasons (mainly so we could use The Rock’s GIF below).  Enjoy.

10.  Just Using the Word ‘Video’ in E-mail Subject Lines Boost Open Rates by 19%

9.  60% of People Prefer Watching Video Over Reading Text Articles

8.  Video is the Most Shared Content on the Web, Estimated to be 90% of All Future Web Traffic

7.  Video Retains Website Visitors and They Spend 88% More Time on Your Site

6.  Videos on Your Homepage are Shown to Increase Conversion Rates by 20% or More

5.  Video Content Drives Higher Social Engagement Rates

4.  Video Content Increases understanding of Your Products or Services by 74%

3.  Video Content Primes Your Website for Better SEO Rankings

2.  Video Content Attracts 3X the Amount of Website Visitors

1.  Video Content Increases Revenue

What did you think of this list?  Is there anything we missed?  How hot is the Rock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.   

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