Animated Pilot Cubicle Zombies Previews to Exclusive Audience

Cubicle Zombies

Hooray, You Can Finally Watch Cubicle Zombies!

We are really proud to finally launch the pilot of Forge Apollo’s first ever animated series Cubicle Zombies. Our producers Gabe Michael and Ryan Holloway partnered with writers, Andy Jones and Adam Weinstock; the duo behind 20th Century Fox “The Untitled Diplo Project”, and are bringing this series to life through the brilliant creativity of the animation duo Zenchi Zenno, whose experience includes working on various client projects for companies such as Red Bull, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and more.

Cubicle Zombies has become a labor of love between this group of creatives who have all found time outside of their professional day-jobs to come together for over a year and a half to create this hilariously raunchy, NSFW animated comedy featuring an ensemble cast of F*&%ed-up, yet relatable zombies.

We wanted to give exclusive early access only to people who we think would LOVE the show, so by sending the pilot episode to our close friends and family, we let the shows audience grow organically through a prelauncher campaign (thanks to Tim Ferris and Harry’s for the idea). On the Cubicle Zombies website we implemented an opportunity for fans of the show to share a unique link through their social media in order to earn Cubicle Zombies swag and even a chance to have our incredible animators draw them as a character in the show.

Eric Dunn Becomes A Zombie Final

Vine Star Eric Dunn was our first person to reach the ’50 Share’ milestone, winning our Cubicle Zombie Sticker Pack, a C.Z. tee, and was animated as a Zombie who will become a character in the show!

The show itself is a combination of gross humor and a racey sitcom. The zombies have won the apocalypse and repopulated society. They’re just like normal people… sort of. But life still sucks, even when you’re dead. Lacking human brains and possibly facing the brink of extinction, these cynical, sex-crazed beings must figure out a way to stay “alive”. All while maintaining their normal, boring cubicle lives.

Like the Trailer? Head over to CUBICLEZOMBIES.TV to watch the pilot episode and to become part of the show!

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