Behind the Scenes – Secrets to Romance

Our client Secrets Resorts & Spas wanted to showcase the romance of their many Unlimited-Luxury resorts through a short video called the Secrets to Romance.  We worked with the resort and brought real couples together to share the secrets of their romantic relationships.  The video served as a marketing tool that sent viewers to a special site where they could sign up to win a free vacation.

Results from this video campaign:

  • Over $1.4 Million in Direct Revenue
  • 500+ All-Incusive Resort Bookings
  • 2.8 Million Video Engagements
  • 800+ New Email List Sign ups
  • Over 1 Million Youtube Video Views
  • Total Campaign Reach 4.3 Million Potential Guests


Behind the Scenes

Six different couples were selected through a wide and diligent casting process.  Some had been dating for only seven months while others had been married almost thirty years, but all were chosen based on their heartwarming and unique relationships.

Using a crew of 20 people, we shot this video on a sound stage at Independence Studios in Woodland Hills, CA. Our director, Gabe Michael, wanted to showcase the couples love and chose to bring the focus on their stories and not any glossy filmmaking techniques. With the studio’s white cyc (a solid 2 wall backdrop) our crew used speedrail to hang 4-bank Kinos to create the perfect infinity fade that he was looking for. When hanging a grid in a studio, safety is key. Our producers and rigging crew made sure that our grid was secure, with all of the safety precautions in place.

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

Our camera team, led by DP Alex Rodriguez, shot on the Sony F55, two Canon C300’s and a Canon C100 for the BTS camera.  Our skilled sound mixer worked hard to find just the right microphone placement and audio balance for 6 hours of interviews.  The Producers, 1st AD and staff of rockstar PA’s helped each interview run smoothly. No matter the initial debates, by the end of each session the couples were beaming with their love for each other, and we we couldn’t help but smile as well.

behind the scenes
In post production our editors were given the daunting task of selecting the best moments from over 12 hours of footage, whittling the final piece down to just over 2 minutes. Luckily none of our hard work went to waste, as we ended up with an amazing final product, and our crew could not have been happier to help strengthen the bonds of such adoring couples.  Thanks to Secrets Resorts & Spas for the amazing opportunity.


Concept by Forge Apollo

Executive Producers
Gabe Michael
Ryan Holloway

Director – Gabe Michael
Producer – Stacey Crawford
Associate Producer – Brian Runt
Director of Photography – Alex  Rodriguez
Editors – Gerard Roxburgh, Brian Runt, Gabe Michael


Shawn Rougeron & Rafael Ziccardi
Elizabeth& Fred Bergstone
Shannah Compton Game & Jeff Game
Charlotte Benesch & Johnny Ortiz
Rai Quarterly & Patty Miller
Michael Bright & Starr Godfrey-Canada


1st AD – Matias Nillison
A Cam – Matt Irwin
B Cam – Max Margolin
C Cam – Blake Gaytan
D Cam/2nd AC – Matt Carter
1st AC – Michael Blue
DIT – Richard Lee
Gaffer – Tristan Savage Tate
Key Grip – Joel Sutherland
Location Sound – Kile Stumbo
Hair and Make Up – Lexx Stats
Set PA – Adam Finley
Set PA – Florin Mezza
PA/Runner – Jack Lineweaver
Set PA/Crafty – Meghan Ryann
Filmed at Indepencence Studios
Color and Sound Mix – Pearl Street Post

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