Case Study: Evolution of the Bikini

Forge Apollo created the concept, oversaw production and distribution for this fun video for our client AMResorts. We partnered with Collab Creators and Metro Public Relations to make Evolution of the Bikini go viral!

Client: AMResorts
Brand: Breathless Resorts & Spas
Talent: Amanda Cerny
Old Timey Announcer: Eric Larsen

Creative Directors: Gabe Michael and Ryan Holloway
Directed and Edited by Gabe Michael
Produced by Ryan Holloway, Gabe Michael, and Stacey Crawford
Wardrobe Designer and Producer: Maranda Nichols

Director of Photography: Alex Rodriguez


Unit Production Manager: Stacey Crawford
1st Assistant Director: Matias Nilsson
B Camera / Gaffer: Matt Irwin
1st AC: Michael Blue
DIT/ Grip: Richard Lee
Sound Playback: Kile Stumbo
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Carolina Bellavista
Assistant Makeup and Hair: Luciana Padilla

With bikini season right around the corner…

We wanted to showcase the gorgeous beach settings at Breathless Resorts and Spas by showing off the history of one of the resorts most frequent guests: the Bikini! With the help of social influencer and model Amanda Cerny we worked with Breathless Resorts & Spas to create the short video Evolution of the Bikini, which garnered over 22 million combined views on Facebook and Youtube and was featured in Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, AdWeek, Playboy, the Huffington Post and many other premium outlets.

Shot on the Sony F55 and Canon C300, Evolution of the Bikini was a quick trip through time using era specific bathing suits as the focus of the video. Our talented costume designer Maranda Nichols carefully researched and designed the look of each period. Cancun native, Carolina Bellavista took cue from the looks that Maranda put together and came up with a unique hair and makeup style for each decade.

Our lovable star, Amanda Cerny, brought life to each of these Bikinis with the energy and enthusiasm of each time period. Having over 11 wardrobe, hair and makeup changes, Amanda knew just how to rock each look. As we shot each decade, Amanda took snapchats between each set up. Taking advantage of her 2.5 million followers on Vine, 561,000 Facebook likes, and 972,000 Twitter followers, she helped the project to gain attention before we even finished shooting.

The night of the shoot, director Gabe Michael and producer Ryan Holloway put together a rough cut of the entire video to guarantee its completion before Memorial Day. We hired long time friend and composer Tommy Fields to quickly compose the soundtrack. He did a phenomenal job of matching the music of each era, while at the same time creating a piece that naturally flowed as one composition.

Once the music was in place, we proceeded with an intensive 48 hour final cut and color correcting session. In order to get a different look for each era, we had to create masks around various elements in order to implement basic color correction while also adding in the right look over the raw footage. Relying on our favorite films and tv shows as guides, we used film stocks and printing techniques from the various time periods to show the difference between each decade.

When it came time to launch the video we worked with Metro Public Relations who supported overall strategy and led press and social media outreach. Their efforts helped to drive views, get amazing pick up and even helped the video trend on Buzzfeed, hit the front page of Devour, and make YouTube’s Popular Right Now Playlist.

In the end, Evolution of the Bikini was a massive success for us and our client Breathless Resorts & Spas. The entire process was a blast and are thankful that our client trusted us enough to let our creative shine.


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