Creating Content – Creative Start Interviews Gabe Michael

creating content

Gabe Michael, one of Forge Apollo’s co-founders, was recently featured on Creative Start, a website that shares weekly podcast interviews and photo essays of up-and-coming creatives. They focus on authenticity, creativity, and community, and showcase the talent of locals to inspire others to find success.  Special thanks to Courtney and Alex from Creative Start on the amazing job on process of speaking about creating content and making the interview day a special one.

Listen to the Podcast Here.

The following is an except from his interview on creating content:

“I would worry less about the process and more about connecting with people.”

“If you have in your mind what you really want to be doing… it will happen. If you stick with it.”

“We’re not here for very long, so we might as well show off what we do while we’re still here.”

Gabe has worked with large commercial clients as well as crafted his own original series’. His passion for connectivity and hard work was impossible to miss, and he continues to seek new ideas each day.

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