From Filmmaking to Video Marketing and Back Again

I started my career as a filmmaker and I never thought I would ever consider myself a marketer…

I actually went through a really difficult time when we were transitioning Forge Apollo from a traditional production company to this hybrid creative agency/production company that it is now because I was really worried about not being able to tell the stories that I want to create.

I realised that what I’m doing every day, and what we do here at Forge Apollo, is tell great stories.  We’ve actually figured out some really innovative ways to dissect the filmmaking process and the hero’s journey and figure out what it really means to be storytellers.

Have you ever seen the process of writing a film? You have close to a hundred different flash cards that you write out different scenes on and hang them on a wall. Then you look at the cards and play the movie in your head. You physically move scenes (flashcards) around, changing order to get the story right.  

Gabe Michael writing his first film (circa 2007).

Well, we do this same approach here at Forge Apollo which I personally think is very interesting. We are trying to tell a story across numerous video and digital assets.  We give value back by shooting things when we’re out on production that will tell your story over time even if you don’t want to engage with us anymore.  

What’s also interesting is that we consider brands as IP (intellectual property) holders.  What we have been working on here is developing systems that not only feed into your current marketing system but really present different brands and personalities as truly their own marketing and television company all wrapped into one.

I think that going down this journey and really learning about what it means to be a marketer has also helped me on the other side of being a filmmaker. There’s really no one way to tell a story and the opportunities that digital video marketing presents right now are just outstanding.

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