How to Get Started in Video Marketing

Getting Started

Often clients come to Forge Apollo with misguided information about what types of videos they need to make for their marketing efforts. In video marketing, every business starts from a different place. Consider the following as advice if you are just starting your business, have zero videos and want to know the order of importance in creating videos for a lasting impact.  

Ready to Grow Your Business With Video?

Explainer Videos

First, you need to start with a video explaining the very basics of your brand and what you do. Some people call this an explainer video, but it can be much more than that. Usually this video explains the very core nature of your business and how you set yourself aside from your competition.

Product or Service Videos

Once you have your explainer video up and active on your website, the next thing to move on to is product or service-related videos. These videos explain, in detail, your individual products or services and act as a great sales tool to live on your website and all over your social channels.

Educational Brand Videos

Next, I would make educational videos about you and your brand. One of YouTube’s best features is its search function and most people get there to search for very specific answers. There’s a great opportunity for exposure here and some major brands like L’Oreal are doing this for massive success.

Coming up with content ideas for these videos is actually pretty easy: write down a list of every question your customers already ask or that you think they’ll ask and make videos on each one of those subjects.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is these videos shouldn’t be treated as commercials or be the tentpole of a marketing campaign — they are strictly to lay a foundation of content that sets you aside as the expert in your field and lets people naturally find you and start engaging with your brand early on.

Once the above videos have been successfully created, you can start promoting them to your current customers via email and try to reach new audiences through social media.

The Video Funnel

Now that you have the foundational content created, you can move on to the fun part. At Forge Apollo we have developed a system focusing 100% on video content to drive sales, brand awareness and social interaction, called Siphon.

In this strategy, we show the content and sales funnel with entertainment or viral-type videos on top and narrows more toward brand-focused as we serve the audience more content.

This is exactly how we want you to eventually run your video content, but in prioritizing the order of making your content, we flip the funnel upside down to get your “to-do” list of what to make first. This way the foundational elements are done first and can start working for you right away.

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