Video Content Will Change Your Business Forever

In today’s marketing world, video is king and it’s driven by mobile.

At Forge Apollo we believe that every business has to look at themselves as a video publisher because, frankly, the single ad campaign is dead. When thinking about the impact we can make for your company our approach considers the long tail of your business — the opportunities video content brings you now, two to three months from now and even two to three years from the time we post it.

As devices change, so does the way people consume content and consider their purchases. Recently, we discovered that upwards of two-thirds of people who start shopping on one device finish on another. This means we need to find a way to engage these people at multiple stages of the sales funnel before they may be willing to convert. Currently, there is no better way to capture attention this way than with native video content.

We’re not talking about just making noise, but about creating video content that finds a true way to connect to people.

Look at Video Content Marketing Differently

We consider ourselves filmmakers and storytellers first.

Because of this we could use buzz terms like “brand lift” and “content shock” to show you that we know how to speak marketer, but we’re not trying to convince you of that. You will see our experience by looking at our past strategies and work.

At Forge Apollo, we believe every business has to look at themselves as a publisher of content because, as marketing guru Seth Godin puts it, “brands have become the new publishers, and what they publish has to be searchable, shareable and actually worth looking at. Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”

Video Content Marketing Works

A question we frequently get during meetings with prospective clients is, “what is the ROI (return on investment) of online video content marketing?”

Well, we can actually define ROI fairly easy using a boatload of graphs and stats from past campaigns, but as digital attention strategist Gary Vaynerchuck states, “ROI isn’t about the tool, it’s about investing the time and effort to use it correctly.”

Remember these questions when you are ready to put in the time and effort need invest in video:

1. How many video assets am I creating and how can I use them correctly to establish my brand over time?

2. How can I use these tools in different ways to engage my current audience and find new ones?

3. What can I learn about my customers from how they interact with my video content?

Not every video can be as viral as Evolution of the Bikini and we shouldn’t judge impact on view count alone. We need to start thinking about the long tail of your business and the opportunities video content marketing will bring you two to three months, or even two to three years, from the time you post it.

The truth is, video content marketing is the number one tool that you have been under-utilizing.

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The Cost of Video is Way Too High

At Forge Apollo, we pride ourselves in our ability to make video at the right budget. 

Working with clients early, we aim to create relevant, relatable and consistent video content that sparks a conversation and establishes them as the authority of their industry.  Staying on past video launch, we analyze what’s working and what’s not. We adjust and continue to publish.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Our belief in the power of video content is so strong, we invest in video ourselves. Our originals run across our various digital platforms, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and always continue publishing.

Are you ready to change your business forever?