What the Hell Happens in the Writer’s Room?

Our Strategy, and Why It Works

Lately, a lot of people have asked us how we’ve managed to come up with some of the killer ideas that have allowed Forge Apollo to continuously produce successful campaigns. The answer we always tell them is because of our writers. Here at Forge Apollo our writers serve as the fulcrum to the bulk of the operations, and services we provide. Aside from having a talented team, the key to our consistency is the atmosphere for idea generation in our writer’s room.

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Before the Writer’s Room

Before each session, we’ll send the 3-7 writers a brief of what the client is looking to communicate to their audience. From there we’ll have each writer come up with 25–35 top-line ideas to get the creative juices flowing in preparation for when the whole group comes together. They don’t have to be completely fleshed out, but rather just be able to explain the idea enough to pitch to the rest of the group. Once everyone has their concepts, we all head into the writers room to workshop them as a group.

The Drawing Board

To start, we like to break the ice by asking who’s got a really dumb idea that they’d like to present. We’ve found that by taking this approach, people are far more inclined to propose an idea that they may not have otherwise out of fear of being the first to be shot down. The real magic starts to happen when writers begin to bounce ideas off one another. We’ve found that by allowing for this depressurized atmosphere, everyone’s creative floodgates gradually open little by little.

The Workshop

Once everyone is comfortable and ideas begin to flow freely, we begin to feel out which ideas are versatile enough to thrive on multiple platforms, and ultimately go engage viewers. When we’ve narrowed it down to roughly 15-20 ideas, we’ll workshop them from there. From this point, we’ll walk through each idea from start to finish until the only ideas remaining are the ones that check off each box in respect to what is needed to be effective.

The Pitch

Towards the end of writer’s room, after sifting through and reconfiguring concepts, we’ll wind up with a couple really solid ideas. From there we’ll then polish the few we feel the will be best for the client’s needs in a way that will resonate most with their target audience and campaign goals. The top three to five ideas will be put together into a presentation to send to the client.

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