How to Make an Effective Marketing Video Without Breaking the Bank

To make an effective marketing video you don’t always need an 8 million dollar superhero production that takes forever to produce.  To be effective your video simply needs to connect to your audience and potential customers by making them feel something, learn something, or identify with your message.

Here are a few tips that will get you and your company on the road to generating leads and connecting with your audience with inexpensive video content:

Repurpose Video Footage You Already Own

The great thing about video content is that you most likely already have some materials from past marketing campaigns just lying around.  Look through your archives and search for past media coverage, existing video product demos, still photos or any digital media assets you can find.  Next, find a new way to create a story with these clips while mixing in stock footage and a new call to action.

Example: A travel company is about to offer a new deal and wants to make sure they reach their current audience. Luckily well-shot beautiful beaches are always well-shot beautiful beaches. Cut these clips together with some new copy or voice over about your “super savings deal” and just like that BOOM – you have a fresh piece of video content to post on all your social channels.

This works with old blog and social media posts as well.  Content marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk has a great article about recycling content.  Read more about it here

Create Customer Testimonials Video or Use Your Own Staff

If your product or services are any good you probably have list of customers who’ve either published good reviews of your business or communicated about your company in a positive way.  Reach out to them and ask if you can quote them or, better yet, meet with them to record a client testimonial.  You can compile these testimonials into a brief video using the same stock video assets above.   If this is too much or an ask for your customers you can always take advantage of the experts you have on staff. Have them speak on their specialty and how they, personally, can help a potential customer.

You Already Have a Great Camera, but Don’t Forget the Sound!

There is a time and place for expensive and stylized production, but with the democratization of video production, prices are nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. In fact, most people have immediate access to an HD video recording device right in their pocket.

Using your smartphone and shooting the video yourself can provide video with decent production value.  It always seems important to have the highest possible video resolution, but what most forget is that great sound trumps video quality every day. Yes your video looks good, but with low sound quality no one is going to want to watch your video- which may also downplay your role as “expert”.  Cheap sound solutions like the Zoom iQ5RØDE VideoMic Me Microphone, or the iMic: Saramonic often take your sound quality to the next level.

Write Your Own Video Copy and Create a Visual Wish List

Sometimes even the most tech savvy marketer doesn’t have the skill or time (remember your opportunity costs here) to make even the most seemly simple video on their own.  Often times we have clients come to us with a pre-written or pre-visualized piece of content.   By writing the copy and pre-visualizing the concept on their end they save us a lot of time so we can help provide the lowest costs solution to tell their story.

Last Piece of Advice on Inexpensive Video

Know what you want to achieve with your video.  It doesn’t make any sense putting hours or days into your content if there is no end goal.  Before you get started planning your video make sure to ask yourself:

  • What is the goal of creating the video?

  • Does this video focus on the most important information you want to get across to your audience?

  • Does the creative tone and feel match your current audience or customer base?

  • Does your video set itself up for maximizing inbound lead generation or increased brand visibility?

  • Do you have a video distribution or “roll out” strategy in play?

Need any help with these questions?  At Forge Apollo we build out video content strategy, produce awesome videos and get those videos seen.   Do you want us help do the same for you?

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