How To Launch A Marketing Video

Every video is unique.  Some are purely informational, some heavily marketing driven and some focus more on the creative. The most important thing a video marketer can do is to have some sort of a plan, have realistic expectations on what their video can deliver and always keep in mind that the video is not the end goal, but is in service of it.  

So before you upload a video and expect it to magically get millions of views take a look at a few things you should (and shouldn’t) do to launch a marketing video and ensure the right people see your video.

When Launching A Video…

Do This:

  • Share your video on all your social channels.
  • Share your video in the right online communities.
  • Find media outlets that have shared similar videos and ask them to share your video.
  • Upload your video natively to video platforms like youtube, facebook and twitter.
    • Put some money aside to advertise the video on these platforms. It doesn’t have to a lot to make a big impact.
  • Make sure your video title is engaging and contains keywords from your core messaging.
  • Tag the video properly in youtube and facebook.  Use searchable keywords.
  • Choose great thumbnails or your video.
    • Generally if a person has an open mouth and looks like they are singing it makes for a good conversion.  Don’t ask me why – it just converts really well.
  • Include a call to action during or after your video.
  • Give viewers some incentive (like a deal or discount) to share or take further action with your content.
  • Plan the release of your content around important holidays, events or product launch events.  The further in advance you plan the better.  

Don’t Do This:

  • Post a youtube link of your video onto your facebook page (facebook buries it in the feed).
  • Upload your video to youtube and expect people to see it without a proper sharing strategy set in place.
  • Make the title of your video read like “ad copy.”
  • Shove the brand name into the title unless it’s natural fit with the content.
    • The video will be displayed from your own social networks.  The viewer will already know your brand is publishing the video.
  • Leave a random screen grab as your thumbnail. Be careful, calculated and creative with the video thumbnail (we can’t stress this enough).
  • Upload more than 1 video at time (unless that’s an integral part of your carefully planned strategy)
  • Expect a traditional marketing or corporate video to go viral!
    • There are other ways to get these types of videos seen.  Ask us how.  

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