Intern Testimonial: From East to West, My Summer in Los Angeles

Moving out to Los Angeles for the summer was a pretty significant change for me. Growing up and living on the east coast, I had never even visited California. I was especially worried about adapting to the different business culture. However, once I started working at Forge Apollo all my worries disappeared. I worked directly under Gabe Michael, the co-founder and executive producer, and Stacey Crawford a producer who also does business development. Working with Stacey and Gabe was amazing. They are patient, kind and incredibly helpful.

Each day, I would come in around 10 am and work until around 5:30 pm. I always had work to do, so I was never bored. However, it wasn’t busy work like many companies have their interns do. I felt helpful and valuable, contributing both information and my own opinion on projects and ideas. I did a lot of research for various projects, helped plan and brainstorm ideas for pitches and created lists for many other tasks like film festivals and award submissions.

I was also able to help out on set for a project Gabe was directing. While working on the set, I did research and assisted in different activities, like getting release forms signed by pedestrians. They were so excited, thinking they were in a huge movie! Of course, one of the highlights from my day on set was when I made my big-screen debut, as a hand model!

Throughout my internship, I worked on different development ideas with Stacey. I love working in development because you get to be incredibly creative. One of my ideas was inventive enough to be considered for a pitch to a client! That was really exciting.

While I learned a ton working at Forge Apollo, one important piece of knowledge that stood out to me is to never get too attached to an idea or project. I didn’t think this would pertain to me, but I experienced it first hand, when Forge Apollo had to push back the shooting dates for one of their projects by several weeks. I was super bummed as I got to be involved in some of the pre-production and now this project would shoot after I went back to school.

To wrap up my internship, Stacey and Gabe asked me to pitch a few ideas for a TV show, documentary or digital content and make a presentation. The content could be about anything I wanted. I was pretty nervous since I wanted to make sure it went perfectly. It helped that I really liked the three ideas I developed! Thank goodness it went well and my preparation paid off!

To conclude my internship I was able to watch a rough cut of Forge Apollo’s first feature film and walk around the Warner Brothers Studio lot!

When looking for an internship, especially one in the entertainment industry, it can be difficult and discouraging. I never thought I would get to come out here and work under people who were so genuine and knowledgeable. Nor did I think I would land an internship like the one I had with Forge Apollo. Honestly, don’t give up. Find one that you know you will learn from. Once you have one, learn everything you can. Be helpful whenever possible and ALWAYS take the initiative.

Intern Testimonial By Meghan Ryan, Summer 2014 Intern.


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