Our Six Step Process For Making Great Videos

Our Six Step Process For Making Great Videos

We know that sometimes there is confusion when it comes to making great videos that impact your business. That is why we have developed a process that helps clients create a clear video strategy, helps us dream up great ideas, and allows for the completion of successful campaigns.

Step 1:  Video Content Questionnaire

Through a few questions about your business and future marketing goals we do a top level survey to make sure we can really help you.  If it seems like there is potential to help your business we will contact you to schedule our Video Blueprint Session.  Click here to get started.

Step 2:  Video Blueprint Session

This where we dive deep into your business.  We figure out what types of video content, campaigns and strategies will help reach the goals you presented in the questionnaire.

First, we look at your website, social media sites, all current content and advertising.  Using the data we collected we will put together a few scenarios to help you meet your goals.  Finally, either in person or over the phone, we will get together with members of your team to cover the proposed plan, answer any questions and discuss how we can potentially work together.

We do charge $250 for this Blueprint Session but if you decide to work further with us, the $250 will simply act as a deposit. If you do not find the Video Blueprint Session extremely valuable for any reason, we will refund you immediately.

Step 3:  Writers Room

Taking the plan we came up with together, we put together our famous writers room to present you with new ideas and a creative strategy for your video or video campaign.  

In this session we round up a group of creatives to sit around a room and talk about your business.  We work with them to generate high level concepts for your video content based upon our previous discussions.  In the past we have had creators participate that write or produce top TV shows, films, viral videos, digital series and much more.

At the end of this session you will get at least three polished content ideas, the full distribution strategy and budget needed to execute these ideas and hit the goals we discussed on our blueprint call.  We may even throw in a few extra concepts if we think they are too good to pass up.

If you want us to move on to production with one, or many, of the ideas we presented we will use both the writers room and blueprint fees as the down payment to jump right into making your videos.  If you want to move on and execute these ideas yourself, you will have our blessing to take these three concepts and strategy plan and do with them what you want for three full months.

Step 4:  Making Your Video

Now this is where the fun starts. Once all the boring paperwork is signed and delivery dates are set, our video production team will start scripting and further visualizing the agreed upon video project. When the pre-visualization or script is approved by you we will move on to production, editing and finishing of your videos.

You and your team will, of course, view various drafts and have opportunities to give feedback along the way.

Step 5:  Launching your video

If you have an internal social media team or webmaster we will work directly with them to make sure all video assets are uploaded, properly tracked and scheduled for proper distribution in accordance with the launch strategy that we worked on together. 

If part of the plan is running your video as paid ads on youtube or facebook we will make sure we are targeting directly to your future customers. If there is a big PR component to your video campaign we work with your internal team and our wonderful PR partners to ensure we have the best launch strategy.

Then, finally, with your blessing, we launch your awesome video which we have all worked so hard to create.  A celebration beer is most definitely in order.   

Step 6:  Campaign Optimization and Reporting

Once a video goes live we start tracking immediately.  Depending on campaign length, we make various adjustments along the way to make sure we optimize every dollar that we are spending on distribution. We provide a full campaign recap of all agreed upon KPIs and many other stats and interesting insights about your potential customers we have picked up along the way.  Don’t believe us?  Check out this recent win for one of our clients.  

Are you ready to grow your business with video?