Shooting 360 Video and Drone Footage On Location in Mexico

We Bought A Drone

Recently we took a trip to Mexico where we shot 360 video (VR), a short film and numerous other videos for our awesome client Dreams Resorts & Spas.  I can’t quite talk about the campaign in details yet, but lets just say the project is going to be “experiential” in every sense of the word.

While at the beautiful resort we had one morning to test our latest toy, the DJI Inspire 4.  This drone, dubbed “The Hammer,” is the best of its kind.  It’s allowed us take our client productions to new heights. Literally.

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360 video

360 Video

During this trip we took a dive into 360 video for the first time.  There was a learning curve, but the footage came out amazing.  The biggest challenge for me personally was blocking a scene.  Usually, in “flat” filmmaking, we shoot one wall at a time.  This means we point the camera in one direction and when all the shots are done facing that wall, we turn the camera and lights toward the next wall and so on.  In VR and 360 video you have to block the scene completely, more like stage play, because you are capturing the entire thing all at once.  There is no hiding a performance in editing. Luckily for us, our actors were pros.

crew love
Brian Runt

Traveling Abroad With Gear

Doing any shoot on location is difficult, but shooting abroad is another story.  Like every production it comes with its pros and cons.  Here are some quick tips that we live by when shooting abroad:

  • Get a carnet (it’s a passport for your equipment.)
  • Find local grip and electric rental houses so you don’t have to travel with a lot of gear.
  • Pack the equipment you do bring as smart and lean as possible. Put the expensive stuff in carry on cases like this.
  • Get priority boarding so you can bring your expensive gear on board and guarantee that it stays with you.
  • Remember to take in the sights.

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