The Cross-Device Video Marketing Solution  

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Consistent video content

Weekly or Monthly eye-catching video content sparks the customer journey.

Automated leads

The video content kickstarts an automated lead capture and retargeting strategy that is tailored toward your goals.

Scalable results

Your audience grows together with your marketing funnel. Siphon adjusts and scales strategy based on video performance data.   

Multi-device strategy

Siphon ensures your content is visible to people who begin research on one device and buy on another.

As devices change, so do the ways people consume content and consider their purchases. In fact, upwards of two-thirds of people who start shopping on one device finish on another. This cross-device gap means we need to find a better way to engage future customers at multiple stages of the sales funnel before they may be willing to convert.

With Siphon, we tell a story with your video content using data to shepherd the journey from lead to customer.

The Perfect Blend of Content, Social and Email Marketing

Your Internal Video Content Studio

We create awesome branded videos

Full-service video content ideation, production, and editing.

We get those videos seen

Video distribution strategy, implementation, social media buying, and tracking.

Siphon Focuses On Your Goals

Short-term goals of driving traffic to your site and collecting customer data.
Mid-term goals of obtaining brand awareness and lead capture.
Long-term goals of converting leads to customers while building brand affinity.

Multiple Videos That Tell Your Story

The Spark Video

Daily, weekly or monthly content that provides an eye opening experience to your customers.  This video kickstarts an automated retargeting process with the following bottom of funnel videos.

The School Video

A video that is educational in nature and explains a little more about the problem your company solves.

The Show Video

Through a quick demonstration video we show how your product or service actually works and why it solves the problem presented in the previous school video.

The Sell Video

You have happy clients. It’s time to end the funnel and close the deal with a testimonial or a case study video.

What’s Included?

Forge Apollo knows that every business is different and we will completely customize your Siphon strategy and video content.

Digital Strategy Consultation
Buyer’s Persona Creation
Opt-In Offer Creation
Writer’s Room for Video Ideation
Video Pre-Production Services
Daily, Weekly, Monthly “Spark” Video Production
Bottom of Funnel Video Creation (School, Show and Sell Videos)
Social Media Ad Spend Implementation, Management and Optimization
Youtube and Facebook Channel Management
Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
Landing Page Creation
Weekly or Monthly Reporting

Siphon by Forge Apollo

The Cross-Device Video Marketing Solution  

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