Technium Series Wins Best Writing at 2015 IAWTV Awards

best red carpet photo ever

Wow! When we hopped the plane to Vegas, we had little thought that we would come home award winners. We were up against some heavy hitters in the digital TV space.

Best Writing (Non-Fiction)

Benny Fine, Rafi Fine, Kids React
Tiffany Shlain, Sawyer Steele, and Arne Johnson, The Future Starts Here
Stacey Crawford, Amanda Toye, and Gabe Michael, Technium Series (WINNER)
Jo Bozarth, The Social Drinker
Joe Hanson, It’s Okay to be Smart

iawtv award winner

Our trip started out with a bang… Or a pop of the champaign cork, really.

bathroom party

We then had the chance to walk the NAB floor and look at all the new film toys. Atomos Shogun was by far one of the coolest products on the floor.


Then it came time to walk the red carpet. Damn…. we look good.

gabe michael amanda toye stacey crawford

Right before the award show started we ran into some old friends. Brea Grant (Heros, Friday Night Lights, Real House Wives of Horror) was in Gabe’s undergrad thesis film, Smooch.

gabe michael brea grant

Then it came time for the award…. and we came home with this badboy!

iawtv award

We were so excited. Our speech was… awesome?

accepting award

Look at us beaming with pride. And it wasn’t just that Gabe had two dates… We are award winners!

gabe michael amanda toye stacey crawford

The next day, Gabe had to get high at the oxygen bar just to contain his excitement.

get high

Aaron McLane was also nominated for Best Director for BLITZED. FORGE APOLLO Team ASSEMBLE!

best red carpet photo ever

Special thank you to Laura Michael and the Metro PR team, Lana McKissack, the Holloway and Michael Families, Alex Rodriguez and the crew of Technium for enabling us to create such a good show.

– Ryan and Gabe

Watch the IAWTV Awards 2015 here.

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