9 Questions Every Great Video Content Creator Asks

Marketing legend Seth Godin is a firm believer in Content Marketing.  As he puts it, “Brands have become the new publishers, and what they publish has to be searchable, shareable – and actually worth looking at on its own merits.” “Content marketing,” says Godin, “is all the marketing that’s left.”

As brands and marketers make the leap to the role of content creator many become overwhelmed by choices, have a limited budget and often don’t know what goals they want to reach with their content in the first place.  Having any content certainly helps your business become searchable and shareable, but there is no better way to make something that has all the benefits content marketing has to offer than with video.

In order to help get you started in defining your own video content strategy, we created a quick checklist that will help you to start thinking like a video content creator right now:

  1. How often can you realistically create and publish video content?

  2. What content/ social channels can you use to publish the content you are going to make?

  3. Do you know where you can source your content from?

  4. What is your budget for content creation?

  5. What internal resources do you or your organization have that could aid in content production and distribution?

  6. How much of your content creation can be outsourced to an experienced team?

  7. What are the goals for your content and how do they support your overall business goals?

  8. Who is the audience you will be creating video content for and what are their needs?

  9. Would your audience share your video with someone else who could become a customer?  

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