Are Viral Videos the Best Marketing Strategy?

When used correctly viral videos are a great tool, but shouldn’t be considered your entire video marketing strategy.
We’ve created viral videos for ourselves and our clients in the past, but the truth of the matter is that it’s difficult to make a viral video.The following is a simple guide to your viral video strategy, but it’s important to note that these are the exceptions — not the rules — in creating a video for your marketing strategy.

Video Content is King

As always, the first thing is that it’s all about the content. To go viral, the content has to be great and it has to be authentic.
We’ve all seen the Pepsi ad and we know that it’s inauthenticity originates beyond the content alone. When brainstorming content for your viral video, think about how you can target a small number of people with a specific interest and how can you make the best possible video for that particular niche.


So let’s say you’re a bodybuilding company. What do people in your community want to see? What are some of the things so entwined into your niche that can you can mock and only your community will appreciate for a good laugh? Is there a way to take this “inside joke” and cross it over to a broader market?

Timing is… Everything

Timing is everything with your video. I’ve seen videos that have been killed based solely on the day they were launched because some big news story breaks and the competitive marketplace crushes your little video from the outset.
We put out Evolution of the Bikini on the week before Memorial Day. It’s the perfect time to launch a video like that because viewers are ready for the unofficial start of summer.


You’ve made a great video, so why would somebody want to share this video you’ve made? It’s an honest question.
Just because you made a cool video and put your love, your sweat, your hard work and all your creative energy into it, doesn’t necessarily mean that anybody else is going to care. When you’re looking to publish your video, you need to find those websites, publications, and groups that already share content similar to the video you have and share your video to those communities too.

Foundational Content

Sometimes it takes a long time and many tries before one video sparks and begins to go viral, which is why it’s important to maintain foundational content.
Foundational content is the backbone of your brand across all web platforms that describes and shows what you do through various media. It will support and help build your brand’s community, and provide reputability once a video happens to get some organic traction and begin to go viral, therefore creating a stronger base for leads and conversions beyond the viral views.
Foundational content drives people to learn your entire brand story. It allows you to hit people at different touch points across mobile and desktop and in any platform where your videos are published.
I’m not saying to take viral-style videos out of your strategy — I actually think it’s a great brand-building tool to pull people into your sales funnel, but once they have shown interest in your brand, you have to continue to provide content at additional touch points to tell your full story instead of assuming prospective customers or clients will find their way there themselves.
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