Why You Need to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Video + Email = Conversion

One of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made in order to drive traffic — and one that I think everyone should make sooner rather than later — is to start incorporating video content into their email. Right now, this strategy is something that very few marketers have attempted to implement. I didn’t consider it for my own business for the longest time, however as soon as I saw the increase in conversion other businesses similar to my own were realizing, I was all over it.


Ready to Grow Your Business With Video?


What Do The Statistics Tell Us

Everyone gets promotional emails for products, services, discounts, etc. everyday The bulk of these emails will sit in our inboxes, unopened, until they’re eventually deleted.

However what I found, and why I started to incorporate video into my email, is that just by putting the word “video” in the subject line increases open rates  by 19% and click-through rates (CTRs) by 65%.

Last year, Forbes tried this same strategy of integrating video content into their weekly emails and saw a 50% boost in email click-throughs and shares. Additionally a follow up study by MarketingSherpa indicated that 72% of people said they would rather receive marketing content via email as opposed to any other medium, including social media.

20% Is A Lot

While social media and other platforms continue to allow for new ways to grow viewership, email can still drive up to one fifth of business traffic. For the beauty and wellness publication Refinery29, who has 2.4 million email subscribers across 12 different newsletters, those email lists drive nearly 20% of their overall monthly traffic. To the surprise of many, email can still convert just as much if not more so than other distribution platforms assuming it’s used to it’s fullest potential.

How It Worked for Us

We had to go through a lot of initial trial-and-error before we figured out how to successfully integrate video into our own email distribution. After experimenting with it for bit, we soon began to see increases in conversion similar to that of Forbes and Refinery29.

Why It Can Work for You

Now while this model can be applied to any business, in order for it to be effective, it needs to be done specifically to help your business grow towards the level of recognition and image you’d ultimately like it to have.

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