Youtube Ad Boycott of 2017 – Forge Apollo’s Perspective

Co-Founder Gabe Michael made a quick video on Forge Apollo’s thoughts about the “YouTube Ad Crisis” and how we are handling the situation. The following are a few talking points from the video:

The YouTube Ad Boycott of 2017

  • This fiasco started when The Times of London posted a screengrab of a YouTube ad saying that the YouTube system was putting out advertisements in front of risky content.
  • Soon after, Eric Feinberg, of GIPEC, stated that his company also found many other videos with unfavorable content running ads.
  • Outlets like The Wall Street Journal then went to war on YouTube, auditing videos and obtaining screengrabs of ads run on non-advertiser-safe content.
  • With top brands and huge buyers pausing their ads, the YouTube community has been severely affected.

Our Perspective

  • This “crisis” has spiraled out of control and is being looked at from only one perspective: brand safety.
  • Agencies should be taking ownership and not blaming YouTube entirely.
  • We can’t rely on programmatic advertising alone or do a blanket spread of YouTube ad buys like some agencies have done.
  • YouTube still has over one billion users that watch over one billion minutes of content every day. You can’t police all that content, but Google does its best and continues to get better.
  • You, as a marketer,  have the opportunity to make an impact for your brand, creating less competition by doubling down on your YouTube spend.
  • Learn to target your audience correctly.

We really don’t consider this a crisis for us here at Forge Apollo. We’re going to continue YouTube buys for our clients, being extra careful with our placement and take time to make sure we are doing the best targeting possible.






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