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Is Video Marketing the Future of Content Marketing?

Creativity and originality are essential to a brand’s marketing campaign in our oversaturated online space. Human brains process dynamic imagery at 60,000 times the speed of text, making videos effortless to consume. Therefore, curated video content is the most efficient way to set your brand apart from millions of other marketing messages. 

Effective content marketing leverages original content (both visual and written) to intrigue, captivate, and stimulate potential customers. This marketing method generates and converts leads by strategically sharing valuable materials with a target market. Leading Philadelphia marketing agency Forge Apollo explains why video marketing is the future of content marketing.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is a business’s best investment for creating brand awareness in the digital age. Essentially, this marketing tactic leverages original video content to portray a brand’s message while advertising its product or service offering. 

Forge Apollo leverages original video content to entertain, educate, and excite audiences. For example, this POV Reel effectively immerses the viewer while giving insight into what our agency offers:


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3 Benefits of Video Marketing

Videos are the easiest content to digest. Therefore, utilizing them in your marketing strategy ensures streamlined delivery to your target market and more meaningful messaging overall. The following reasons outline why marketers should implement a video content marketing strategy for their business:

1. Video content improves viewer retention & recall

Chances are you remember videos in more detail than plain text simply because video content is more engaging. High-quality videos stimulate more than one of our senses (visual and auditory), making them more memorable than text-based content. Studies show that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it’s watched, compared to just 10% when read. Additionally, videos can combine all mediums, including text, animation, music, links, and more. Maximum creative flexibility makes videos the king of digital media content.

2. Video content strengthens brand identity & message

Video content humanizes and personifies your brand. In other words, it provides viewers with an in-depth look into your personality through captivating imagery. Videos allow your audience to get to know you, your team, and what makes you unique. Customers buy from brands they can relate to – and nothing makes brands appear more relatable than original video content.

3. Video content boosts visibility & SEO

When properly optimized, videos are the most accessible and shareable media. Videos get 1200% more shares than text and images combined, making them the most likely form of content to go viral. Plus, today’s search engines and social platforms rank video content higher than ever, as their shareability creates inbound links to your page. As a result, implementing video content marketing drives leads, improves conversion rates, increases traffic to your website, and optimizes searchability.

Ways to Use Video Content

Video marketing’s creative opportunities are endless. A huge benefit of implementing video content for your campaigns is versatility and customization potential. Every mainstream platform and distribution channel supports video content, allowing brands to leverage this content in diverse ways. 

Instagram Reels features allow creators to add music, interactive stickers, comments, animations, and more to their original videos. This organic video by the Forge Apollo team combines custom elements to delight the viewer:


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Followed by websites and emails, social media is the most popular avenue for viral videos. Instagram and Facebook’s algorithms heavily favor video content in user feeds. According to Meta, Reels (video posts on Instagram) make up over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram, and video makes up 50% of the time that users spend on Facebook. According to Hubspot, the top channels for sharing or hosting marketing videos are:

  1. Social Media (76%)67% of marketers say sharing marketing videos on social media has the most significant ROI.
  2. Website Pages (55%)Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
  3. Email Campaigns (44%)Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

Make sure your videos reach the right audience by downloading our YouTube SEO Best Practices guide!

Is Video Marketing the Future of Content Marketing?

In the digital age, videos are more engaging than ever. Crisp digital imagery and lifelike adaptations create a more desirable reality for users. Today’s imaginative, augmented messages give a new meaning to guerilla marketing by fully immersing audiences in an unforgettable sensory experience. The marketing potential of video content continues to skyrocket as virtual reality (VR) technology develops and becomes more accessible.

For example, check out our project for Dreams Resorts & Spas, where we whisk participants away to a tropical paradise:

Choosing a Video Production Company in Philadelphia

When asked what the most significant benefit of working with a video marketing agency to create video content is, nearly ¾ of marketers point to higher-quality videos that look more professional. But consider the additional advantages of recruiting Forge Apollo’s video experts to create your content:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Customized distribution strategies
  • High quality video editing
  • Professional recording equipment
  • Creative concepts and writers rooms
  • Scriptwriting and creative development
  • Content and copywriting
  • Reliable account management
  • Paid advertising
  • And so much more!

Ready to amplify your brand message with Philadelphia’s top team of video and marketing specialists? Our extensive digital content expertise boosts visibility and ensures maximum ROI. Reach out to our content creation pros to build your video content marketing strategy today.

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