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How Home Improvement Companies Increase Sales With Digital Marketing

For decades, many home improvement companies thrived without much use of digital marketing but the tides have officially turned on the industry. Relying on traditional home shows and employing canvassing tactics are no longer effective or viable solutions for long-term growth. To be successful among a growing landscape of competitors, home improvement companies must equip themselves with a digital marketing strategy to remain relevant.

Does Digital Marketing Really Work?

The short answer is YES! Forge Apollo has effectively driven traffic to websites, increased conversion rates, and nurtured leads for our growing list of successful partners in the window, roofing, siding, and door industries. How? We leverage video and digital marketing services to create 360 degree marketing plans that resonate with proper audiences. The best part is, our strategy is proven. Using these tactics, we were able to optimize Blue Springs Siding and Windows online conversion rate to 8.69% (6.33% over Industry standards), and increased online sales year-over-year by 38.5%.

5 Ways Forge Apollo Utilizes Digital Marketing for Home Improvement Companies

Forge Apollo views each client holistically – from overall digital strategy, content creation, design, and more. This allows our team to determine an individualized marketing plan that continually exceeds expectations. Here are just a few of the strategies in our arsenal of effective digital marketing techniques.

1. Overall Digital Strategy

Figuring out which strategies to optimize can be extremely confusing for some but it is a key indicator of success. Strategizing takes into account the ideal buyer persona and the customer journey while playing to the company’s strengths. For example, historic data may suggest that the majority of sales are coming from a certain geographical area or from a similar demographic of people. Now, you can focus all your efforts on those most likely to purchase, saving time and money while reaching maximum ROI potential.

2. Website Design

Consumers now expect more from home improvement companies prior to becoming a loyal customer. Before COVID-19, an out-of-date website may not have deterred a sales lead from contacting a home improvement company. Traditional, word-of-mouth marketing and having a phone number listed on Google used to be more than enough to gather consistent leads. Things have changed. According to Salesforce, 68% of 12,000 surveyed consumers now have much higher expectations for a business’s digital presence than they did little over a year ago. If your website doesn’t include engaging calls-to-action assets or consider the user experience, you could be missing out on leads and conversions.

Web design also plays heavily into how Google indexes the content. For example, a quick, mobile-friendly website no longer sets you apart from the competition, it determines whether or not you are seen at all.

3. Search Engine Optimization

We mentioned how web design plays into website indexing – which technically also makes it a part of SEO. Bright Edge Research reports that SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic, making it an integral part of any marketing plan. A strategic SEO plan understands the intricate connections between site usability, quality content, and stays up to date with the various algorithms being used. Companies should continually monitor their technical SEO; meaning proper keyword usage, core web vitals, and proper website architecture. For a comprehensive guide to improving search engine optimization, read Optimizing for Search Engines.

4. Paid Digital Advertising and Retargeting

According to HubSpot, United States social media users are expected to grow to 257.4 million by 2023 – that is a hefty population of people ready to view your content. Additionally, social media ads are some of the most cost-effective ways to grow brand awareness. Ads on social media come with the opportunity to retarget past consumers or hot leads that have interacted with your content previously. It takes approximately 8 touchpoints before a purchase, making this an invaluable tool.

5. Product and Install Videos

Videos have the incredible power to capture the attention of and convert leads into customers and customers into brand promoters. According to Wyzol, 78% of video marketers reported that video directly helped increase sales. Unlike other agencies that need to outsource video, Forge Apollo has an entire video production team at your disposal. Working in tandem with our digital marketing campaign, they’ll create compelling, evergreen content that can be shared across platforms. From creative development to post production touch ups, we’ll create sharable and informative videos designed to get seen. Check out some of our favorite videos on our case study page.

Ready to Get Started?

Working with both B2C and B2B digital marketing agencies is a great way to expand your company’s reach. Whether you sell windows, siding, doors, roofing, or any other home improvement product- Forge Apollo should be your go-to digital partner. Our innovative specialists will put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to get you results. Contact us today to get started.

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