Website Build Calculator

Website Build Calculator

How many additional pages do you need?

The website template includes 5 pages: Home, About, Contact, Services, Blog. Any additional pages will cost extra.

Do you need copywriting services?

Website templates do not include any copywriting. You must provide it yourself, or pay an additional fee.

No, we will provide all copy
We will provide copy, but will need assistance with copy editing
Yes, we need copywriting.
How many unique forms are needed on the website?

Most websites include one general "contact" form.

Do you need any branding assistance?

Do you have colors/fonts and a logo we can use?

Just logo design
Logo design, fonts, colors and a basic brand sheet.
How much stock imagery do you need?

If you don't have your own imagery for the website build, stock imagery is required.

0 photos/ videos
1-15 photos/ videos
16-30 photos/videos
31-45 photos/ videos
46-60 photos/videos
Do you need annual website hosting?

You're free to pay for your own hosting or use our Forge Apollo's fast and secure servers.

No, we will provide our own.
How quickly do you need the site live?

Typical turnaround is 3-5 weeks.

1-2 weeks
3+ weeks

Website Cost Range

$0 - 0