A serendipitous start becomes a visionary partnership…

In 2013, Founder Ryan Holloway began to implement his vision for optimizing premium Youtube content. Nearly a decade later, Forge Apollo has evolved into a multifaceted video production and marketing agency, complete with a distinctive skill set and dynamic company culture.
The company’s original venture was centered around producing quality online video content. But as modern media continued to evolve, Ryan and his team soon realized that even the highest quality videos are virtually meaningless without a feasible distribution strategy.
Although its initial focus was video creation, Forge Apollo quickly transformed into a multi-platform content creation and digital marketing service. Ryan jumped on the opportunity to utilize his creative and analytical skills, concentrating on efforts to understand, engage, and empower his audience while promoting the client. 
As Forge Apollo acquired more clientele and took on larger projects, Ryan discovered that being an entrepreneur meant simultaneously building a credible team and a meaningful brand. Finding people he could trust to carry on the company’s vision suddenly became essential to the business’s ultimate success. And he continues to expand his invaluable staff to this day as they steadily take on more prestigious work.
Ryan successfully established and maintained a hyperfocus on reliability and collaboration for his company. This mindset allowed Forge to develop into an effective service provider for brands in various industries – from tourism to healthcare to education.
Over the years, many of Forge Apollo’s objectives and attributes have been redefined, but Ryan’s ultimate mission has remained at the heart of his business. He remains a productive and compassionate leader in every aspect of his life by continuously channeling his team’s unique talents into fulfilling roles that best serve the people around them.
“My family and my leadership team are my support system – I have hit the lottery with both.”


-Ryan Holloway, CEO & Founder