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Video content remains prevalent on newsfeeds and continues to gain traction as an effective marketing tool. The share and reach potential of compelling videos supersedes nearly any other form of mainstream media today. Businesses that wish to excel in the digital age need a production partner that can clearly and artistically set them apart from their competitors while connecting with their desired audience. Luckily, Forge Apollo comes equipped with advanced, trusted video production techniques and services to push your brand ahead.

Advantages to Adopting Video Production Services

According to Wyzeowl, 88% of people would like to see more videos from brands in 2022, and 81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales. So why aren’t more businesses implementing video marketing in their campaigns? Well, great video content isn’t created overnight. It’s also difficult to achieve without a knowledgeable team of experts to prepare a strategy. The professionals at Forge Apollo possess both the skills and resources to transform your business objectives into sharp, captivating videos that engage your niche.

The content creation process can be strenuous and complicated, especially when considering the scope of modern technology and computer programs. Not to mention the price tag tends to run incredibly high for premium recording software and hardware. Forge Apollo’s dynamic production methods and established resources allow our team to turn this notoriously challenging aspiration into a realistic goal for your brand. Our seasoned experts will prioritize your business goals while walking you through every phase of the journey.

Our Video Production Process

Our personable team of video experts is your partner every step of the way: starting with our pre-sale discovery call and creative overview, moving you seamlessly down the pipeline to post-production and publishing.

Types of Videos We Offer

At Forge Apollo, we offer just about every type of video product you can imagine. However, the following happens to be our most requested types. Please contact us to learn more about our video production services or if you have a specific video idea in mind.

Training Videos

With their ultimate goal to educate and motivate, corporate training videos should be compelling and instructive. We aim to compose interesting tutorials, webinars, and visual guides that will successfully advance your company’s mission.

Live & Virtual Event Video Production

A successful event requires appropriate and stylish promotion and documentation. The creators at Forge Apollo specialize in premium event videography that is guaranteed to attract positive publicity while adequately reflecting your business objectives.

Corporate Videos

The best way to represent your brand message in the digital age is through high-quality video content. Allow our expert production team to showcase your vision using advanced equipment and techniques, taking your marketing strategy to new heights.

Educational Videos

Informational videos effectively teach your audience more about your product, service, or process. Our leading marketing strategists will curate and optimize these videos to attract and engage your target market.

Travel & Tourism Videos

Transport your viewers to their dream destination with our professional video packages, customized to display and promote your brand’s mission while indulging your followers with a glimpse into their future vacation.

Healthcare Videos

Having worked closely with medical industry leaders, our expertise ensures quality videos for healthcare companies looking to upgrade their marketing strategy and expand their audience. We develop initiatives in this sector that prioritize empathy, compassion, and emotion, and present it in a stylistic and informative manner.

Video Advertising & Marketing

With the current oversaturation of digital content, it can be challenging to create promotional content that captures the attention of your desired audience. The experts at Forge Apollo will produce innovative, captivating video ads that are sure to connect with your customers.

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