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A Brand is Only as Interesting as its Video Marketing

Face it – boring isn’t worth posting. Every established business needs sharp, compelling video advertisements to communicate its brand message artfully. Our innovative production methods are guaranteed to captivate and attract any target market, effectively guiding them through every step of the customer journey. Quality video content continues to gain traction in today’s digital age, and business owners must be sure to get ahead of the latest advertising trends and cultural shifts. Discover how video marketing for paid advertisements can take your business to the next level.
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Enhanced Paid Advertising With

Video Marketing

If consumers have the choice between a simple graphic ad or a video ad, can you guess which one is more successful? Video advertising. On average, compared to static images, click-through rate doubles for video. Plus, video increases conversions by up to 30%. At Forge Apollo, our video production team understands the importance of imagery in advertising. We can create captivating video content to utilize in all types of paid ads, including commercials, social media ads, and more.

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Why You Need It

BENEFITS OF Video marketing

Not sure if video marketing is right for your business? Professional video marketing for paid ads helps companies:

How It Works

Our Video Marketing Process


IN-Depth Discovery

In the first step of your video production journey, our team will learn all the details about your company. We want to be sure we’re communicating your brand message accurately and adequately.

Establishing Objectives

We continue our discovery procedure with an outline of ultimate business goals and objectives. Once we establish what we’re trying to accomplish together, we can recommend the proper digital marketing channels for publication.

Creative Brainstorming

As soon as we’re on board with your targets, we’ll collaboratively decide on your campaign’s deliverables and compose a comprehensive production plan. Our team will work together to formulate creative concepts unique to your brand and vision.

Finalize Filming Details

Our next step is to book dates, locations, and talent to film. We want to successfully bring your vision to life and dedicate the necessary time and effort to do so.


Once the details are worked out for the shoot day, we can move forward with the physical production of your brand’s video. Our experienced video team will ensure everything goes seamlessly on the day of filming!

Editing and Refining

A great video ad isn’t finished when the camera stops rolling. Our superior post-production editing techniques deliver perfectly curated content and make Forge Apollo the top choice for video marketing production in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

Distribute to Audience

Lastly, our specialized content can be passed off to your staff to distribute. If desired, we can broadcast the targeted message to your desired audience, skillfully circulating the advertisement to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Our team of video experts can generate all types of digital ads – from social media videos to email marketing campaigns. If your goal is to increase your online presence, our digital marketing team has a plethora of experience with virtually every platform, including social media, broadcast television, and YouTube.

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Any business owner looking for an exciting, modern approach to paid ads needs video marketing. Fortunately, our video production company in Philadelphia is here to help. Our production team can create unique concepts and bring your ideas to life to help you stand out in the oversaturated world of paid advertising. Video marketing is the tool your business needs to continue to grow in the digital age. Turn to Forge Apollo to engage and motivate your target audience with help from the skilled stylings of our top-notch video production team. Paired with our leading digital marketing strategists, we turn assets into income. Contact us today to get started.