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Especially with the adoption of remote work and e-learning, training videos have become an incredibly beneficial tool for educating and guiding users. For these types of videos to make a positive impression, creators must clearly understand the client’s mission and target market.

At Forge Apollo, we understand how necessary proper training is for a company’s success. Whether your business wants to create training videos for your internal team or guide your customers and clients, we offer the training video production you need to accomplish your goals. Contact our Philadelphia video production company today to get started.

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The Right Training Video Will

Instill Invaluable Skills

Helpful, productive training videos clearly and visually communicate specific knowledge to their viewers. Companies seeking high-quality video content need a marketing agency equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to create inspiring and engaging training materials. Forge Apollo is eager to take on the task of producing and composing the ideal instructive videos for any aspect of a business. From sound design to animation, our production team utilizes proven methods to craft a custom production that embodies the brand image while captivating its viewers. And when the final product is complete, we’ll be sure to organize a hosting platform to effectively monitor and track audience engagement.

Join Us for a Fun and Professional Video Production Process



First, we’ll get to know your business, mission, and standards so we can be sure we’re all on the same page with our objectives and responsibilities. Learning your brand means understanding your ultimate goals and what you’d like to accomplish overall with our services.


Our next step is to develop creative video concepts and deliverables that are relevant and effective for representing your brand’s image.


Once we narrow down and flesh out these ideas, we can schedule dates and times for filming and gathering the necessary assets.



We want to make sure we have every image and frame we need to make a seamless and interesting training video, so we’ll capture all the details.



As soon as we have the footage we need, we immediately move into the editing stage to refine and format the final product.


Your dedicated account manager will establish a reliable platform to host your videos, as well as track views and engagement. Our expert strategists can even publish the finalized content on predetermined platforms for your desired audience to enjoy.


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Forge Apollo’s premium training videos offer a customized approach specially designed to educate and uplift your target audience. Contact us today to learn more about our training video production services and how we can bring your biggest ideas to life.