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Corporate Videos for the Modern Business

Our feeds are flooded with an endless tsunami of media content, so what can brands do to stop their audience’s mindless scrolling? Composing interesting posts that stand out among the countless other updates is becoming increasingly challenging. Today’s most accomplished businesses implement unique, innovative ways to capture user attention, and leading Philadelphia agency Forge Apollo is prepared to deliver.

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Help Your corporation:

  • Build Trust
  • Develop an Image
  • Define Products & Services
  • Recruit New Team Members
  • Establish an Online Presence

Forge Apollo can create various types of corporate video content to display on your website, social media, commercials, paid ads, and so much more. Video content is one of the best ways to help your target audience get to know your business engagingly and uniquely.

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Video Options for Every Corporation

examples of video types

Unsure of how your brand can use a video? Here are a few of the corporate video types we’ve made. We can create any of the following, or any idea you dream up!

The Corporate Video Production Process


Firstly, we want to develop an in-depth understanding of your brand image – business objectives, target market, competitors, tone, and your overall goals.


Once we get a good grasp of your company vision, we move forward with gathering assets and developing effective deliverables. This creative process results in a detailed plan which includes video ideas, storyboards, and proposed filming dates.


On the predetermined production day, our team will arrive at the desired set prepared and eager to create video greatness as your newest business partner.


Once we’ve collected plenty of valuable content, we begin an elaborate post-production procedure. We’ll spend ample time fine-tuning each frame to ensure your message is clear, compelling, and accurate.


The final step in producing a successful corporate video is masterfully presenting it for your audience to engage with and enjoy. Once leadership approves the final cut, we can put on the finishing touches. To top it all off, you have the option to send it over to our expert marketing strategists to distribute it to your target market.

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Forge Apollo specializes in creating shareable content that’s guaranteed to build and maintain a significant following. Help your corporation stand out in the digital world with help from corporate video production in Philadelphia from Forge Apollo. Contact our team today to get started.