Forge Gives Back

Business progress is only possible through community growth.

Forge Apollo is taking Philadelphia’s famous brotherly love to new heights. The origin of our city’s name is forged in togetherness – a combination of two Greek words: love (phileo) and brother (adelphos). And as the 4th largest media market in the nation, we’re excited to broadcast this positive message – one of solidarity and strength. That’s why Forge Gives Back. We’re forging respect and pride in the Philadelphia Metro Area through immersive community building, volunteer work, and local business partnerships.

How Forge Apollo Promotes Local Success

When it comes to business, success is nothing without support. We aim to highlight the unity and strength of our local community through passionate charity. 

Philadelphia-Area Philanthropy

Forge Apollo employees participate in annual Service Days for selected organizations. Staff members nominate a local charity or foundation to volunteer alongside. Once the team makes a unanimous decision, we spend a productive day at their facility assisting staff and clientele in their daily work. Check out some of the local businesses we’ve helped out:

Annual Pro-Bono Program

Once a year, we invite local non-profits to apply for the Forge Gives Back Pro-Bono Program. We ask charities and non-profits throughout our region to apply or nominate an entity to receive full-service video production. We also ask our employees and clients to nominate organizations of interest. Our creative team provides the agreed-upon organization with high-quality visual content to use as promotional assets, free of charge. The appointed charity receives complimentary digital marketing or video production services worth up to $10,000. View some examples of our work:

If you have a deserving organization or non-profit in mind, please fill out our application form.


Donations and Charity Work

In addition to active volunteerism, Forge Apollo consistently donates funds towards charity, research, and support groups. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunities our clients have allowed us, and we strive to give other businesses those same opportunities. By submitting donations to reputable organizations, we’re encouraging the progress of these foundations. Throughout the years, we’ve proudly contributed to:

Why We Care

At Forge Apollo, our achievements boil down to the endless support of others. We intend to pay it forward and keep paying it forward for as long as we’re in business.

  1. At Forge Apollo, our achievements boil down to the endless support of others. We intend to pay it forward and keep paying it forward for as long as we’re in business.
  2. Promoting integrity creates a receptive and compassionate work environment.

  3. Public advocacy establishes an industry standard of compassion.

Pro-Bono Program Application Process

Beginning in January, we kick off a social media and email campaign to promote the pro bono project to local charities. In addition, our staff and clients are encouraged to refer or elect organizations to apply for the program.

Application Process Overview

1. Submit applications through our application form

2. Qualified applicants are vetted internally and voted upon

3. Forge Apollo announces the winner

4. The winning organization identifies desired services from Forge Apollo

5. The organization receives custom project worth up to $10k (total USD)

6. Forge Apollo documents the production process and execution for use as promotional content in the future.

7. The winning organization receives their completed pro bono work

Application Requirements

If you are considering applying for our Pro-Bono Program, please verify your organization is 501C3 eligible and located within the greater Philadelphia area. Enter for a chance to earn your Forge Gives Back Pro Bono Video by filling out our application:

What Services Are You Interested In? (check all that apply)(Required)

Reach Out to Our Leadership Team for Inquiries About Advocacy Work and Volunteer Service Days

We're putting the "us" in "industry" by advocating for harmony and inclusivity in every aspect of our work. While we constantly strive for company progress, our obligation is to our communities, families, and partners. We aim to give back to those whose endless support fuels Forge Apollo's success. Contact us for more information about Service Days, Pro-Bono Projects, or any other Forge Gives Back campaigns.