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No matter how hard a business tries to reach new customers organically through SEO or social media, it rarely produces instant results. That’s where paid advertisements come in. While waiting for organic results to pan out, businesses can invest in paid ads to show up for target audiences on either search engines or social media. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a direct way to target people on search engines who live in specific locations and search for relevant terms.

PPC makes it possible for your website to show up at the top of search results. Social media networks also have paid ad options to help your profiles and posts reach more people. If you’re tired of waiting for results from organic marketing efforts, consider investing in paid ads like PPC. Contact Forge Apollo in Philadelphia to learn more about how our pay-per-click management services can help you achieve faster results.

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What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click is a type of online advertising that allows businesses to place ads on specific platforms, including search engines or social media. There is only a charge on the ad when someone clicks on it. Ad services determine the cost per click (CPC) based on the search volume popularity for relevant terms and the specificity behind the targeting. For example, if you’re targeting keywords with high search volume, it will cost more per click than if you were to target search terms with a smaller volume.

Social media ads implement a similar system. For example, you can target users based on interests, location, income, and many more demographics and pay for each click. There are also options to pay per view on videos or pay based on the number of post impressions.

Paid ads are one of the best ways to directly attract more traffic to your website. However, if the ad leads customers to a poorly designed landing page, you won’t achieve the desired results. When you hire Forge Apollo for pay-per-click management, we do more than just manage your ads.

We also ensure ads direct to an attractive landing page that helps viewers move seamlessly down the sales funnel. In addition, we’ll also edit and improve the ads or landing page to further optimize the campaign’s performance. We regularly track and discuss key insights, including attribution and ROI to maximize impact.

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Types of Paid Ads

There are two main branches of paid ads—search ads and social media ads.

Search Ads

Search ads appear when using a search engine for inquiries. They may appear on the search engine themselves or a website clicked on from the search results. You might also know these as Google pay-per-click ads. The different types of search ads include:

Search Results – These ads appear at the top of search results when searching for specific keywords.

Display Ads – These ads are graphic ads for websites seen when visiting various websites.

Remarketing Ads – After visiting a website, you might start to see remarketing ads for that same website while you’re browsing other websites.

Shopping Ads – If you’re using search engines for online shopping, shopping ads are the first items you will see.

Paid Social Ads 

Paid social media ads are the other type of pay-per-click ad. Each social media platform has its own ad type. For example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have ads specific to their platforms.

Each platform provides different options for types of ads you can run, what to target, and what types of goals it’s possible to achieve. For instance, one company might want to share a video with as many people as possible to spread brand awareness, while a different company wants to get as many clicks as possible to their website. Paid social ads are incredibly versatile and practical for reaching a broad audience.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Process

If you’re interested in pay-per-click management services from Forge Apollo, we make it easy!

Brand Analysis

First, we want to understand your business, services, budget, and goals you’d like to accomplish with paid campaigns. After learning more about your brand, we are happy to recommend the types of ads we think will deliver the best results.

Strategy Development

Once we have a full understanding of your brand and its objectives, we’ll customize a digital marketing strategy to optimize your reach and engagement.

Creation and Optional Distribution

Next, we will create and set up the finalized ads. Ad generation includes professional videography, animation, and graphic design if desired. The setup might also involve creating a landing page for users to land on after clicking on the ad.


Lastly, we will track performance and make the necessary tweaks to optimize performance. Our team will provide you with regular updates to inform you about the campaign’s progress.

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Paid ads are one of the best ways to target your audience directly and achieve results immediately. Whether you want to invest in just PPC or include PPC in an overall marketing strategy, the team at Forge Apollo can create a custom marketing package exclusively for the needs of your business. Contact our Philadelphia marketing agency today to book a consultation. Fill out our online form to get started.