Branding & Brand Identity Services

What is Branding?

Branding provides the essential visual identity of your organization, but it also goes further than that. A brand’s name, logo, colors, fonts, and more convey to customers what to expect before they hear a word from you.

Do you want people to see you as modern and innovative? Classic and experienced? Fun and energizing? Branding will establish that identity across your marketing and sales assets. Our Philadelphia branding agency will work closely with you to understand your brand’s mission, values, and uniqueness to provide a customized branding package perfectly suited to your needs.

Brand Name

A brand name is the heart of a brand. Forge Apollo’s team creates names that fit your business’s desired identity to effectively communicate who you are.

First, we meet with your team to deeply understand your organization and the identity you want to establish. We ask what meaning you want to convey with your name, and what you want people to feel when they hear it. We also discuss your desired tone.

Your organization doesn’t have to have these perfectly defined when you come to us. Our creative minds will meet to brainstorm options that fit different tones and meanings so you can judge how hearing those names makes you feel.

As part of our brainstorming process, we evaluate the uniqueness and competitive positioning of the name. We evaluate factors like domain availability and search competition to ensure your brand is positioned well online.

After our first round of brainstorming, we’ll meet to get your reaction. We ask what names or words within names stand out to you. We discuss new ideas or inspiration you find after seeing the first round of names.

Then, we use your feedback to dial in new name options. We repeat this process through several rounds of brainstorming until we reach the perfect name for your organization.

The 6 Elements of a Brand Identity

Your brand is more than a name. Brand identity agency Forge Apollo is here to craft a specific brand identity that you can use across all your assets so customers form reliable recognition with your organization. A brand identity includes several different elements.

Logo Design

We start with the logo. Our process starts with a discovery meeting to understand any ideas you have for your branding. Then, we design 10-15 logo options in different styles to understand which stylistic direction you prefer. With your feedback, we will refine the logo options until we find the perfect one.

Color Palette

From fun and bright to strong and serious, we can create a color palette to easily communicate your tone. When we understand your desired stylistic direction, we present 3-5 different palette options. Through rounds of feedback, we clarify the color palette until you love it.


Ensure you get the right impression from your copy with a professionally-tailored combination of fonts from Forge Apollo. Our design team will present 3-5 font options that fit your brand’s tone and are available on major platforms. Then, we’ll incorporate your feedback until it all comes together.


Tone of Voice

A brand is more than a visual identity. Your tone of voice wildly affects the relationship you build with your audience. Do you want to be fun and friendly, or polished and professional? Forge Apollo will start with a discovery call to deeply understand your brand. We’ll help you craft the perfect tone of voice to build a relationship with your audience across content.


Mission Statement

A mission statement clarifies the goals and values of your organization for both your target audience and the people within the organization itself. After a discovery meeting to learn what matters to your organization, Forge Apollo can craft a clear and compelling mission statement to unify your efforts.


Brand Style Guide

When you’ve put in the effort to establish a clear brand, keeping it consistent across content, ads, sales collateral, and more is vital. Once we’ve finalized your branding, we’ll craft a detailed brand style guide to act as a vital touchpoint for presenting your brand.

Graphic Design and Sales Collateral

Forge Apollo is a full branding and marketing agency, which means we can get your brand up and running with additional design and marketing services.

Unlike some branding agencies, Forge Apollo provides graphic design services to establish or refresh the rest of your brand’s marketing and sales efforts. From sales collateral to support your team to billboards to get your message out there, our Philadelphia branding and design agency will make on-brand, attention-grabbing materials.

Choose the Top Branding Agency in Philadelphia

With the branding firm at Forge Apollo, branding is easy. From a few conversations about your brand, values, and desired tone, our creative professionals will craft a brand that wordlessly establishes your identity and makes you stand out in a market full of competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss your unique branding needs.