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Fuel Your Funnel With

Outbound Email Lead Generation

Fueling a funnel with qualified leads is a challenge for many brands. Luckily, Forge Apollo’s Philadelphia-based marketing agency specializes in helping our clients grow in a dynamic digital landscape. Our outbound email lead-generation campaigns provide sales teams with qualified decision-makers interested in high-value B2B products and services. Contact us today if you’re seeking a strategic partner to amplify your B2B marketing efforts.

Email Lead Generation

That Protects Your Brand’s Growth

Email is a powerful tool when utilized well. However, if done improperly, outbound email marketing lead generation can be ineffective and damage your brand. It can reach the wrong audience, violate email regulations, and land you in the spam box. Plus, running these campaigns yourself is time-consuming.

Forge Apollo’s outbound email campaigns protect your brand by following all CAN-SPAM regulations and utilizing warming strategies on new domains to protect your company’s email sender reputation.

Plus, we help you reach high-value decision-makers and run the campaigns for you. The result? A calendar full of pre-qualified sales calls with no extra effort on your part.

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Benefits of Outbound Email Marketing

We know you’re busy, so we’ll take care of your outreach with strategically targeted campaigns.

Extensive discovery and targeting help our emails reach the decision-makers in your target market.

Our emails result in actual, pre-qualified calls booked on your calendar, not just information passed along for you to follow up on.

Before your booked appointments, we forward you the email chain so you’re aware of their previous conversation history.

We customize our campaigns to your goals and optimize them based on your feedback and shifting priorities over time.

Forge Apollo’s process abides by regulations and uses strategies to protect your domain’s reputation.

How It Works

Outbound Emailing Process



Our team will sit down with you to understand who you want to reach, what products and services your brand offers, and what pre-qualifications leads should have.


Campaign Set Up

We’ll purchase domains similar to your brand’s and warm them up to protect your domain reputation. At the same time, we’ll build highly targeted lists and write strategic email copy for your approval.



Once you approve everything in the campaigns, we’ll launch and start reaching high-value B2B leads. Qualified decision-makers will start booking sales calls directly on your calendar. Campaigns must run for at least four to six months to start seeing results.


Review & Optimization

Once campaigns are running, we’ll periodically meet to review performance, lead quality, and your goals to optimize campaigns as needed.

Your Partner for B2B Email Lead Generation


Reaching the right audience at the right time is challenging, but Philadelphia-based Forge Apollo is here to help you book meetings with decision-makers. Our strategic process supports your growth while protecting your brand. Contact us today to start fueling your funnel with email marketing B2B lead generation.