Social Media Advertising Agency

As a leading social media ad agency in Philadelphia, Forge Apollo helps businesses reach their marketing goals with cost-effective advertising on social networks. We utilize the combined power of a digital marketing team with a full, in-house video production team to produce scroll-stopping ads that drive results. Our team of experts will craft campaigns to reach a new, targeted audience to achieve your marketing goals. 

4 Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Partnering with a social media advertising agency allows your business to reach a new, targeted audience to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions on your website. These are only some of the benefits businesses can reap from social media advertising:

Social ads allow businesses to target audiences by helpful criteria, such as age, job title, location, and interests.

Since social ads can reach a large yet targeted group of people, they can help your business improve its brand awareness.

Compared to other advertising methods, social media ads are cost-effective with a low barrier to entry.

Social advertising platforms provide extensive analytics. Learn more about your audience and their behavior based on ad performance.

Facebook & Instagram Story and Reels Ads Safe Zone Template

Don’t spend money on social media ads without double-checking the safe zones. Ensure your ads provide the best ROI. Download our Free Safe Zone Templates for Stories & Reel Ads today.

LinkedIn Ads Agency

As a LinkedIn ad agency, Forge Apollo helps businesses reach a sizeable professional audience to achieve their marketing goals. Our team of LinkedIn Certified Marketing Insiders will strategize and manage the ideal campaign to resonate with your target audience.

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

Compared to other social ad platforms, LinkedIn offers a unique position in the market for B2B businesses. By advertising on LinkedIn, companies can enjoy the following benefits:

Targeting options regarding professional experience allow businesses to reach the necessary decision-makers in their industry.

While using LinkedIn, users actively seek out business insights and solutions. That means they’re in the state of mind to take in your ad’s message.

Website traffic and leads from LinkedIn tend to be more valuable than on other platforms because of the relevant targeting and willingness to pay higher dollar values for professional services than personal ones.

Instagram and Facebook Ads Agency

Instagram and Facebook are two of the most iconic social advertising platforms. As a premier Instagram and Facebook ads company, Forge Apollo prides itself on engineering campaigns on the platforms that drive results.

Why Advertise on Instagram and Facebook?

With some of the most extensive social reach, businesses can’t ignore Meta in the modern advertising landscape. By advertising on these platforms, companies can:

Instagram and Facebook have some of the largest audiences online. This makes them perfect for businesses aiming to increase brand awareness.

Both platforms have extensive targeting options based on demographics, interests, behavior, and more. That makes it easy to tailor the perfect target audience.

Instagram is a highly visual platform, making it ideal for brands that need to share their products or services visually.

Both platforms can retarget the people who have already interacted with your brand, making it easier to nurture them toward conversion.

Since Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, setting up campaigns that run on both platforms to reach your audience in more places is a breeze.

YouTube Ads Agency

Google owns YouTube, so YouTube ads run through Google Ads. Backed by the power of Google, YouTube ads offer a number of benefits for ad campaigns. Our team of advertising experts will craft the perfect YouTube campaign to reach your audience.

Why Advertise on YouTube?

YouTube ads reach a large audience in a number of different formats on a platform they visit to take in content. Businesses can experience the following advantages when they run ads on YouTube:

Run through Google, YouTube ads have a number of audience targeting options to reach the perfect subset of people.

With a number of format options, advertisers can create the perfect creative to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

With over 2 billion monthly users, reaching a broad audience for awareness is easy.

Detailed analytics offer insights businesses can use to make data-driven decisions based on performance.

OUR Process

No matter which platform is ideal for your organization’s goals, Forge Apollo’s experts will craft a campaign that converts. Learn more about the process we use to earn success for our clients.

Campaign Planning

We start with a discovery meeting in which we align on your organization’s goals, offering, and audience. Based on that information and current market conditions, our team assembles a suggested strategy to reach new audiences and move them down your sales funnel.



After obtaining strategy approval, our copywriters craft all the copy for your campaign. We optimize captions, headlines, and other elements for your target audience on that specific platform.


Social Media Video Production

Video content is a critical part of a successful social ads campaign. Luckily, Forge Apollo has an in-house, award-winning social media video production team. Whether filming original content, cutting from existing footage, or using stock, our team will craft scroll-stopping videos for your campaign.

Graphic Design

Graphics and still images are also essential components of social ad campaigns. Forge Apollo will create high-end graphic assets that resonate with your target audience.

Ad Setup

Meta and LinkedIn ad platforms are complex and constantly changing with updates. Forge Apollo’s team is trained and updated on the necessary best practices to set your ads up for success.


Social Media Ad Management

Social media ads shouldn’t be “set it and forget it.” Our ad management team will evaluate your ad’s performance over time and make insightful optimizations to improve performance.

Expert Team for Social Media Advertising in Philadelphia

Forge Apollo specializes in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through campaigns on various social platforms. Our in-house video production team produces impactful video ads, while our digital marketing team strategizes the best way to run them. As a LinkedIn marketing agency and a Facebook ad agency in Philadelphia, our team of experts offers a comprehensive process to set you up for successful campaigns. Contact us today to learn how we can drive results for your business with social media advertising.