Local Listing Management

Can Local Customers Find Your Business?

Local business listing management from Forge Apollo can help your business address the following issues:

What is Local SEO & Why Does it Matter?

Local SEO combines on and off-website elements that help search engines understand that a business offers products or services relevant to a specific location. It allows companies to appear in search results when users search for terms related to your offering in the area that you serve.

Local listings are a crucial part of any SEO strategy because they help consumers discover you and also establish trustworthiness with search engines. When Name, Address, and Phone number are consistent in multiple places across the web, search engines see the business as credible and understand which area they serve.
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Local Listing Management Service

Manually maintaining your own listings is complicated and time-consuming. Forge Apollo offers a comprehensive local listing management service that keeps your organization’s key information accurate across 44 listings, including:

We ensure these listings maintain the following current and optimized information about your business: name, address, phone number, hours, services, holiday closures, photos, social profiles, and more.

Complete Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO in Philadelphia and other areas is more than business listing management. Forge Apollo’s other services can help boost your local online presence.

Maintaining a positive rating and responding to every online review improves your customer service while showing search engines that you’re a trustworthy business. Forge Apollo can help your company generate and manage reviews and even prevent negative reviews from being published. 

We offer a software solution that sends automated text messages or emails to your customers and prompts them to leave you a review. The software automatically publishes positive reviews to your listings, while negative reviews get sent to you, so your business can make it right. Ultimately, the software helps you generate more positive reviews while protecting your online reputation. In addition, you can respond to reviews across multiple platforms in one place.

High-quality content is vital to rank well in search results and keep people engaged on your website. Forge Apollo’s content creation experts will strategize the best content for your website and cover every part of the creation process. Our writers optimize each piece of content with best practices for local rankings.

SEO-friendly web design is another crucial piece of the local SEO puzzle. Our website design and development team will craft the perfect website to help your business climb local SEO rankings and nurture visitors toward converting.

Effective Listings Management for Local SEO

Partner with Forge Apollo to manage local listings to boost your credibility and show up more often in local search results. Our comprehensive local SEO service in Philadelphia and other areas will help you easily reach your target audience. Contact us today to learn more and get started.