"With its combination of talent, creativity, innovation, and experience, Forge Apollo has a chance to be absolutely out of this world..."

− Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter

"Even if you don’t know Gabe Michael, there is a good chance that you know his work, because it is the stuff that permeates YouTube lore..."

− Jeff Klima, New Media Rockstars

"Technium will investigate how close we are to having all of those gadgets shown in movies such as "Back to the Future" and "Tron.""

− The Hollywood Reporter

"While it (Technium) will cater to those of us who are sci-fi freaks and geeks, it won't overpromise technology that is still in the infant stages of development - or try to pass off a hoax as something real (looking at you, Funny or Die)."

− Alisha Grauso, Moviepilot


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Cubicle Zombies

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