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At Forge Apollo, we build out video content strategy, make awesome videos and get those videos seen. Our capabilities include full-scale creative, strategy, video production, social media video distribution, media buying, lead generation, web design and much more.

We have helped our clients make millions of dollars and obtain millions of views.

“They captured our essence perfectly. The process was so smooth, they were always available and providing us deliverables on time or earlier than expected.” – Skylar Schock, OnThr3

Zombies on the Loose in Denver

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We have been fortunate enough for our short film Cubicle Zombies to be selected to screen in three major film festivals so far this year. The first screening was at...

Why You Need to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

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Video + Email = Conversion One of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made in order to drive traffic — and one that I think everyone should make sooner rather...

What the Hell Happens in the Writer’s Room?

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Our Strategy, and Why It Works Lately, a lot of people have asked us how we’ve managed to come up with some of the killer ideas that have allowed Forge...

How to Get Started in Video Marketing

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Getting Started Often clients come to Forge Apollo with misguided information about what types of videos they need to make for their marketing efforts. In video marketing, every business starts...

Are Viral Videos the Best Marketing Strategy?

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When used correctly viral videos are a great tool, but shouldn't be considered your entire video marketing strategy. We've created viral videos for ourselves and our clients in the past, but...

From Filmmaking to Video Marketing and Back Again

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I started my career as a filmmaker and I never thought I would ever consider myself a marketer... I actually went through a really difficult time when we were transitioning Forge...