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Video is King & Driven by Mobile

At Forge Apollo we believe every business has to look at themselves as a video content publisher because, frankly, the single ad campaign is dead. When thinking about the impact we can make for your company our approach considers the long tail of your business — the opportunities video content brings you now, two to three months from now and even two to three years from the time we post it.

As devices change, so does the way people consume content and consider their purchases. Recently, we discovered that upwards of two-thirds of people who start shopping on one device finish on another. This means we need to find a way to engage these people at multiple stages of the sales funnel before they may be willing to convert. Currently, there is no better way to capture attention this way than with native video content.

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New Offices for a Growing Video Agency

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Scaling a business isn't easy.  Especially when your video agency teams are over 2,700 miles apart.  Unlike other growing agencies, Forge Apollo has always had the mentality of "great work first," while...

Shooting Live Events – 5 Tips to Success

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Recently I was lucky enough to shoot for FORM Lifting at the 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games in Los Angeles, CA. Being that it was a live event, the gameplan for...

Shooting 360 Video and Drone Footage On Location in Mexico

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We Bought A Drone Recently we took a trip to Mexico where we shot 360 video (VR), a short film and numerous other videos for our awesome client Dreams Resorts & Spas....

How To Launch A Marketing Video

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Every video is unique.  Some are purely informational, some heavily marketing driven and some focus more on the creative. The most important thing a video marketer can do is to...
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Our Six Step Process For Making Great Videos

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Our Six Step Process For Making Great Videos We know that sometimes there is confusion when it comes to making great videos that impact your business. That is why we have developed a process...

9 Questions Every Great Video Content Creator Asks

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Marketing legend Seth Godin is a firm believer in Content Marketing.  As he puts it, “Brands have become the new publishers, and what they publish has to be searchable, shareable...