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5 Best Practices for Healthcare Video Production

Video marketing for healthcare is an impactful way to reach an audience and share a message. It’s essential to remember that video quality impacts brand trust for 87% of consumers. So, creating an excellent final product is vital to making the right impression on your audience.

Forge Apollo is an award-winning video production agency in Philadelphia. Today, we’re breaking down the top healthcare video production best practices you need to make a video that hits the mark.

Plus, for those who understand the importance of video but aren’t sure how to use it, we’re sharing real-world use case examples to inspire your strategy.

Best Practices for Healthcare Video Production

By following these healthcare video production best practices, you can create compelling content that reaches your goals to provide a positive ROI.

1. Get Your Team on Camera

Healthcare is a human business, so let patients see and get to know the people behind their care. Providers are great to feature, but practice directors and front desk staff can also bring a human touch to your video content.

2. Make High-Quality Content

In healthcare video marketing, one goal is ever-present–building trust with your audience. The fastest way to make your practice look untrustworthy is to share low-quality content.

Working with a Philadelphia video marketing agency is an easy way to get content that affirms your credibility.

3. Have a Clear Goal, Audience, and CTA

Video content for the sake of video content may not reach your audience or accomplish anything. Before producing a video, have a clear goal of what you’re hoping to achieve, what audience you want to speak to, and what your call to action will be.

For example, a primary care practice may have a goal of brand awareness, want to reach an adult audience in need of a new physician, and a call to action of calling to book an appointment.

4. Know Where the Video Will Live

How are you going to use this video? Everything from your video’s length and aspect ratio to the subject matter will differ between platforms. For example, shorter, fast-paced content is better for social media, while a longer piece may work better on your website.

5. Stay On Brand

As always, keep your branding in mind in all of your content. A good video production company, like Forge Apollo, can ensure your videos match your brand’s visual style and tone.

Example Use Cases for Healthcare Videos

A healthcare video can provide many functions for your practice, from marketing and beyond. Here are a few examples.


  • Introduce your medical professionals on your website, social media, and emails
  • Share a tour of your facilities
  • Outline what new patients can expect
  • Promote your practice in video ads
  • Showcase patient testimonials and patient case studies on your website, social media, emails, etc.
  • Videos that play on loops on TVs in your office


  • Share the day-to-day practice of your culture on social media
  • Make longer videos for recruiting areas of your website that highlight your culture more extensively

Fundraising & Events

  • Promote a fundraiser or event with a video
  • Create a video to commemorate an event
  • Use videos during live or virtual events to share impactful stories, interviews, or calls to action


  • Share your facility’s practices and procedures with new personnel
  • Train administrative staff on specific use of software or other tools

Healthcare Video Production FAQs

How does video production in healthcare differ from other industries, considering privacy concerns and regulatory requirements?

Video production in healthcare differs from other industries due to the stringent privacy concerns and regulatory requirements governing patient information handling. Unlike many sectors, healthcare must adhere to strict guidelines outlined in laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. Regulations like these set the standard for how patient data is collected, stored, and shared. These rigorous standards safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality.

Practitioners must ensure that all content complies with privacy regulations and protects patients’ sensitive information. This includes obtaining explicit consent from patients before featuring them in videos, anonymizing or de-identifying patient data where necessary, and implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

How does storytelling play a role in healthcare video production?

Storytelling humanizes your message and fosters a connection with your audience. By crafting narratives that viewers resonate with, healthcare practitioners can effectively convey complex information in a relatable manner. Whether it’s sharing patient success stories, illustrating the journey of a medical breakthrough, or showcasing the dedication of healthcare providers, storytelling helps create emotional engagement and enhances the impact of the video content.

Are there any challenges unique to healthcare video production?

Healthcare video production presents unique challenges that require careful consideration. One such challenge is addressing sensitive topics with tact and empathy. Practices must deliver the message respectfully while maintaining the audience’s trust. Maintaining medical accuracy is also crucial to avoid misinformation and uphold the credibility of the healthcare institution. Striking the right balance between engaging storytelling and factual accuracy requires collaboration between healthcare experts and video production professionals.

How can we ensure accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare videos?

Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare videos is essential to reach a diverse audience and provide equitable access to information. This involves incorporating features such as closed captioning, audio descriptions, and sign language interpretation to accommodate viewers with hearing or visual impairments. Moreover, sensitivity to cultural differences and linguistic diversity is key to making healthcare content more inclusive. By prioritizing accessibility in video production, healthcare practitioners can effectively communicate with a broader audience and foster a more inclusive healthcare environment.

Professional Healthcare Video Marketing

Video marketing for healthcare may seem overwhelming if you’ve never produced a video. The right video production partner can help you not only with creating the content but also with creating the right strategy to use it. Forge Apollo is a video production and digital marketing agency in Philadelphia that can help your practice with video creation and strategy. Contact us today to discuss your next video project.

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