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5 Ways a Graphic Designer Can Help Your Business

Have you ever seen a website, ad, or business card that looked low-quality and unprofessional? Bad design can hurt your brand by giving the wrong impression to potential customers. This is where a graphic designer can help.

Forge Apollo is a digital, video, and graphic design agency in Philadelphia. Today, we’re here to share what a graphic designer does and how that can help your business.

What is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers combine artistic talent with technology to craft visuals for use in print or digital applications. Many people think of graphic designers as making logos, but they can do a lot more than that to help your business.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic designers can create a range of visual assets to help your brand with marketing, sales, and more. Here are some of the ways they can help your brand.

1. Branding

Whether your brand is completely new or just needs a refresh, a graphic designer can provide branding services to help you. They can create branding standards for colors, fonts, and logos. Plus, they can create branding guidelines that you can use to guide your work and can pass along to any other organizations you work with in the future.

To see how branding works in action, read our case study on creating a name and branding standards for a new company.

2. Website Design

Websites don’t need to be bland and boring. A graphic designer can create a website design that reflects your brand, stands out from the crowd, and provides an excellent user experience to drive action.

For example, explore how we improved PA Steel’s online presence with a new website redesign.

3. Advertisements

Whether for print or digital advertising, a designer can create professional and polished advertisements to grab attention and motivate action. Designers can make the following advertisement formats and more.

  • Magazine, newspaper, and other print ads
  • Billboards
  • Social media ads
  • Google ads
  • Email promotions
  • And more

4. Sales Collateral

From business cards and sales decks to one-sheeters and brochures, a designer can create sales collateral showcasing your company’s value and expertise. Having these high-quality assets can make a difference in closing that sale.

5. Merchandise

Whether you need shirts and hats for your employees or swag to give away to potential clients, a graphic designer can help you make sure your logo or other designs are perfectly formatted for merchandise that looks on point.

Benefits of Graphic Design

Partnering with a professional graphic designer rather than trying to DIY important assets for your brand can have several benefits, including the following.

  • More effective websites, advertisements, etc.
  • Consistent brand identity
  • Improved brand recognition and awareness
  • Clarity in messaging
  • Makes a trustworthy impression on potential customers
  • Assets tailored to your target audience
  • Standing out from the competition

Partner With a Graphic Design Agency

If you want high-quality visual assets that will make an impression, you need to partner with a graphic design agency in Philadelphia or surrounding areas. Forge Apollo can help your brand with all of your graphic design needs, plus video and digital marketing. Contact us today for help with your graphic design needs.

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