A partnership with Forge Apollo means your business will have both strategic leaders and goal-oriented doers in your corner. No objective, target, or task is too big or small for the Forge Apollo team to conquer.

Content Creation


Strategy Development

Whether you need one video or a series of videos, we’ll take your business’ goals and create ideas that will make a positive impact.


Writer’s Room

You deserve the best ideas, that’s why we take top-notch writers into a brainstorm session to develop concepts. It’s a team effort here at Forge Apollo.



Once your idea is fully developed, we move into planning your shoot. From actors and makeup to permits and lighting, we’ll cover every element of pre-production for you.



Time to watch your idea come to life with our crew of videographers, directors, producers, grips, sound mixers, photographers, etc. We guarantee you’ll always have a good time on our sets.



All of our video editing is done in-house: professional cuts and transitions, music, color grading, sound and graphic effects. You’ll see cuts along the way and have final say on the look and feel of the final product.


Web Copywriting

Videos won’t get seen without great web copywriting, that’s why we incorporate your brand’s message into our initial strategy and bring it all the way through to the copy that gets posted with your final video.

Content Distribution

Social Media Strategy

You need the right distribution and targeting strategy to accompany your new videos across your social media platforms. We’ll work with what you’ve already created to enhance and grow engagements and traffic.

Social Media Management

Our experts keep up-to-date with the latest features and trends on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so you can get the most for your posts.

Web Launch

If you need new digital branding assets, we can create a custom-made website tailored to your needs. From a simple facelift to complete reconstruction, we’ll follow your process from start to finish to ensure you can maintain it in the long term.

Search Engine Optimization

Many brands are using digital marketing to get their business to reach more relevant people to turn into customers and proper search engine optimization (SEO) will bump your owned media up on search engines.

Audience Development

Your video ads won’t be successful if the wrong people see it. With proper research on audience demographics and affinity interests, we target only the most relevant people for your brand.

Pay Per Click

For businesses with little website traffic, Pay-Per-Click campaigns can generate more visitors who are searching for keywords that align with your brand, bringing you more business.