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9 Ways to Use an Event Video

Corporate events effectively solidify culture, launch new products and services, and introduce new initiatives. Brands without event video coverage are losing out on the extra return on investment for their events.

But how can brands use an event video to maximize the event’s impact?

Forge Apollo is a video marketing agency that offers corporate event video production. Today, we’re sharing examples of how to use event videos so you can understand their value for your brand.

1. Increase Event Reach

Event video production coverage can help brands increase the reach of their events by spreading their message to new audiences. By sharing video coverage of the event on different channels, the brand can expose more people to the event’s announcement or initiative without increasing their guest list.

2. Promote Future Events

Brands can also use videos of past events to promote future events. Use clips in ads, emails, landing pages, and more to give people an idea of what happened at the last event and encourage them to sign up for the next one.

3. Social Media Content

Social media is the perfect platform to give your audience a closer, inside look at your brand and culture. By sharing clips of events, including exclusive interviews or behind-the-scenes clips, brands can engage with their online audience more personally.

4. Website Content

Event video clips throughout a website can help a brand establish its culture, initiatives, product announcements, and more in an engaging way. Plus, brands can encourage more traffic to the website with an event recap landing page featuring video highlights and other resources.

5. Email Marketing

While it may not make sense to have everyone on a brand’s contact list at every event, there is a lot of content in those events that people may be interested in. By splitting content into separate emails, brands can better showcase critical takeaways for their audience. For example, one email could share an important interview from the event, while others share smaller clips, each highlighting one key takeaway.

6. Content for Media Outlets

For prominent brands in their industry, event video coverage can provide the perfect assets to share with industry media outlets. Again, content can be shared as a longer showcase piece or broken into smaller highlight pieces to promote key takeaways.

7. Internal Communication

For larger brands, their entire team may be unable to attend events. Sharing video coverage after the fact can keep your team informed, motivated, and aligned with initiatives, achievements, and culture.

8. Sponsorship Opportunities

By sharing videos across your channels that feature event sponsors, brands can encourage more sponsors to sign up.

9. Bonus: Videos at Events

Outside of event coverage, brands can also create videos to play at their events to enhance their message in the moment.

For example, Forge Apollo created this video for Saint Mary Magdalen to share at a Gala to honor a retiring pastor.

Event Video Examples

If you’re still unsure of how you can utilize corporate event video production, here are some examples we created for inspiration.

In this video for Artic Buzz, Forge Apollo commemorates its Texas Restaurant Association event attendance.

In this video for GMH, Forge Apollo uses event footage and interviews to create a piece promoting the company’s culture to help with recruiting.

In this video for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation, we highlight a doctor for part of the organization’s Evening of Hope awards ceremony.

Partner With a Video Marketing Agency

If your brand wants high-quality event video production, partnering with an agency experienced in video marketing services makes the most sense. A reputable agency will have the proper procedures, insurance, and equipment to ensure you get the maximum return on investment. Contact Forge Apollo for event video production today.

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