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Video is the most effective and popular media format, according to HubSpot. Plus, 91% of consumers want more video content from brands. Needless to say, video marketing is growing in

Violating copyright laws can lead to hefty fines and legal trouble that no brand wants to deal with. Understanding video ownership and licensing before using assets in brand marketing campaigns

91% of brands utilize video marketing in some capacity. Destinations must use a video marketing strategy to stand out from the competition. But what’s the best way to incorporate video

90% of travelers perform research for their trips online. Travel brands need to create and promote high-quality content to stay top of mind with these travelers. But how can brands

YouTube is the second largest search engine, only behind Google. With over two billion active monthly users, knowing how to promote a video on YouTube is critical to reaching the

89% of businesses say events are crucial to reach their goals. Corporate event video production can help your company get the most value from your events. Forge Apollo is an

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