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5 Hotel Social Media Post Ideas

Social media marketing for hotels is a non-negotiable in a digital marketing strategy. A strong social media presence helps improve brand awareness, inspire brand loyalty, and encourage guests to book their next stay.

But we know that keeping a fresh feed of ideas for social can be a challenge. That’s why Forge Apollo’s hotel social media marketing team in Philadelphia has five ideas for post types you can use to fill your feed.

The Role of Social Media Marketing for Hotels

In case your brand isn’t sold on the importance of social, there are a number of powerful benefits to note.

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness – Showcase your brand to a wide audience online.
  • Improved Guest Engagement – Foster a sense of community by engaging with guests in real-time online.
  • Increase Direct Bookings – Drive more bookings by posting aspirational content and sharing booking links directly in posts and bios.
  • Marketing Insights and Feedback – Social media platforms are valuable sources of guest feedback and market insights when monitoring mentions, reviews, and comments.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing – Compared to traditional advertising, social media is relatively low-cost.
  • Showcasing the Hotel Experience – Visual mediums allow you to showcase experience in a way other channels can’t.
  • Building Loyalty and Repeat Business – Keep past and potential guests engaged with content to facilitate brand affinity.

5 Hotel Social Media Post Ideas

1. Show the Guest’s POV

What better way to inspire your guests to book a trip than to show them what they could experience at your property?

Create a video or still post highlighting a specific aspect of your property experience to bring the concept of a stay to life.

For example, this post from ICONA Avalon highlights what it’s like to have a cozy stay at the property during winter.


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This post from Zoetry Resorts lets the viewer in on the zen experience of a mind, body, and soul retreat at the property.

2. Share the Scenery

Chances are that there is at least one beautiful view at your property–show it off on social! Users love picturesque scenery popping up in their feeds. Plus, it’ll take previous guests back to their time on the property.

For example, Secrets Resorts shared the stunning views around their Tulum resort and beach club.

In this post, ICONA Diamond Beach shares a dreamy beach view.

3. Highlight Amenities

Amenities are essential to guests considering a stay, so highlight them! A simple photo of a great amenity or a room tour is the perfect highlight for your feed.

For example, Sunscape Resorts shares its poolside snack area in this post.

In this post, Zoetry Resorts highlights a suite.

4. Share Specials and Events

While you shouldn’t overwhelm your feed with overtly promotional content, sharing specials and events does help guests find deals they can take advantage of.

For example, in this post, Hyatt shares a promotion to get Bonus Points in their loyalty program.


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A post shared by Hyatt (@hyatt)

In this post, ICONA Avalon shares their Sample the Summer package deal.


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A post shared by ICONA Avalon (@iconaavalon)

5. Share User-Generated Content

Your guests are your best marketers! Whether it’s posting photos they’ve shared with you or sharing posts they’ve tagged you in on their feed, sharing user-generated content brings authenticity to your brand.

For example, Secrets Resorts regularly posts photos like this one that guests took during their stay and shared with them.

If you can host or partner with influencers, that can pull user-generated content to a new level. In this post, Embassy Suites and Hilton share a reel made by one user of her and her family’s experience at the resort.

Which Social Media Platforms Should Hotels Use?

Although we only shared examples from Instagram here, it’s important for brands to have a presence on the platforms their target audiences use. Because visual marketing has such a large impact on brands, the more visual platforms are more beneficial. This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

How can hotels measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing strategy?

Measuring the effectiveness of a hotel’s social media marketing strategy can be approached through a variety of metrics. One common method is to track engagement rates, including likes, comments, and shares, to see how audiences are interacting with the content. Additionally, hotels can monitor direct bookings through social media by using tracking links and promo codes exclusive to their social media channels. Analyzing these metrics over time provides valuable insights into which types of posts resonate most with their audience and contribute to the hotel’s overall marketing objectives.

What are the best practices for engaging with guests who post about their stays?

Engaging with guests who post about their stays on social media is an excellent opportunity for hotels to foster a sense of community and show appreciation for their guests. A personalized response to each post, thanking the guest for their stay and their share, can make a significant impact. Addressing any feedback, positive or negative, in a constructive and positive manner also demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction. Encouraging further interaction by asking guests to share more about their experience or inviting them to return can also enhance the relationship between the guest and the hotel.

Can user-generated content and influencer partnerships significantly impact booking rates for hotels?

Leveraging user-generated content and influencer partnerships can indeed have a significant impact on booking rates for hotels. User-generated content, such as guest photos or reviews, provides authentic testimonials for prospective guests, often influencing their booking decisions. Influencer partnerships expand this concept by reaching a larger, sometimes niche audience that trusts the influencer’s recommendations. These strategies not only enhance the hotel’s visibility but also add a layer of credibility and trust that traditional advertising methods may lack. By carefully selecting influencers whose audience aligns with the hotel’s target market, hotels can effectively increase their reach and potentially boost their booking rates.

Are there any content size restrictions I should keep in mind when creating video content?

When it comes to Reels and Stories on the Meta platforms of Facebook and Instagram, there are “safe zones” you need to keep in mind to prevent your content from being cut off by buttons or captions. Download our free Meta Safe Zone templates to ensure your audience can see the important parts of your post.

Reel Safe Zone Template Content Offer

Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Seeking new inspiration for hotel social media post ideas is natural. At Forge Apollo, our social media and content creation teams are constantly brainstorming new ways to reach the audiences in your feed. Contact us today for assistance with content production or social media strategy.

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