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How to Make a Training Video Fun and Engaging

Corporate training videos are vital to share policies and processes with employees, but are they paying attention? In one study, 67% of employees reported not giving a training video their full attention. 

Many trainees slog through training videos, barely engaged, at 2x speed. They get enough information to pass a quiz or consider training “complete,” but they don’t retain it well.

By partnering with a video production company, your business can create corporate training videos that engage your staff and improve retention.

In this article, Forge Apollo’s Philadelphia-based training video production team covers how to make a training video more engaging and how your company can benefit from a production partner.

3 Benefits of High-Quality Training Videos

Partnering with a video production company to produce training videos has production benefits, like a faster timeline for project completion, creative idea strategies, and higher quality output. The high video quality also has several benefits for your company, including:

1. Increased Engagement

Most employees don’t give their full attention to training. Businesses’ first tactic to make training more engaging was introducing corporate video training. But as we covered earlier, 67% of employees still don’t give them their full attention.

If you’ve ever had to sit through a monotonous, bland video training session, it’s no wonder.

That’s where fun, high-quality videos come into play. Keep your videos interesting, and employees are more likely to pay attention.

2. Better Retention

According to one study, when people read text, they only retain 10% of its message on average. When they watch a video, they retain 95%.

Memorable videos increase training effectiveness and decrease the time it takes to get a new employee up and running. 

3. Increased Quality of Work

Investing in quality employee training materials can improve your profit margin by 24%.

When people feel confident in their ability to perform a task, their quality of work improves. Superior training materials equip personnel with the knowledge they need to feel supported.

Improved quality of work leads to measurable benefits for the company, like increased efficiency and profits.

How to Make a Training Video More Engaging

To make a training video more fun and engaging, you don’t have to go as far out of your company’s comfort zone as you would think. You don’t need pro-level comedy or revolutionary content.

With some pre-production planning and post-production editing, you can tell a story in your videos that keeps viewers’ attention.

Stay Focused and Keep It Short

Over time, attention spans have shortened. Adults will only spend about 2.7 minutes watching an online video. Keep training videos short and centered on a single topic to attract viewers.

This has the added benefit of making it easy to go back and reference videos as needed. If employees need to comb through an hour-long training video to find an answer to a question, they’re less likely to do so.

Forge Apollo’s team of content writers are masters at writing and editing succinct scripts, keeping all the important points in as little time as possible.

Use Visually Interesting Editing

Give viewers something fascinating to look at while they watch your video. Add fun cuts and transitions between shots engaging visuals or graphics.

In this instructional video on how to film in a video booth, Forge Apollo keeps the editing interesting with a series of fun cuts and graphics that appear on the screen.

Keep it Moving With Multiple Shots

Similarly, viewers get bored watching the same shot over and over. Many training videos contain the same framing for every print, like someone talking in front of a wall or a screen recording of a single piece of software.

In this training video for Insomnia Cookies, Forge Apollo uses multiple shots to keep it visually interesting.

Use Humor for Funny Corporate Training Videos

The key to a funny corporate training video is incorporating humor without being too unprofessional. But what if you don’t want your training to be too goofy?

Believe it or not, small moments of humor still enhance a video. In the Insomnia Cookies training video, Forge Apollo incorporated some moments of humor with shirt reveals while still maintaining a professional tone.

Use Animation to Explain

For more visual concepts, using animation is an effective way to engage. For this window company, Forge Apollo produced an animated diagram of all of the parts of a window.

Use Live Footage

Whenever possible, incorporate footage of people participating in the concepts you’re training on rather than talking heads alone.

For example, this video introduces a much longer video training course for SoftLite Windows & Doors. It shows personnel and trainees going through the in-person aspects of training to get viewers more engaged.

Forge Apollo can visit your company’s location if you want to capture engaging footage for your next training video.

Compelling Training Videos From Forge Apollo in Philadelphia

With the right production partner, creating training videos that wow is easy. For video production in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, the award-winning production team at Forge Apollo can help. Our team handles every part of the production process to produce effective results within your budget and timeline. Contact the corporate training video production experts at Forge Apollo to make your training more effective.

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