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4 Ways to Boost Tourism This Year with Video Marketing

With the travel industry projected to reach $854.80 billion in revenue in 2023, tourism marketing is critical to ensuring your destination is a significant part of that statistic.

With online sales generating 74% of that revenue, making a brand stand out in the virtual space is vital.

How can brands know what kind of content will attract customers? Well, 80% of consumers want more video content from brands.

But the key isn’t only making video content–it’s making videos that stand out.

Luckily, the Philadelphia video marketing experts at Forge Apollo are here to share four creative travel marketing examples that will make an impact.

How Video Benefits Tourism Marketing

So how exactly does travel video benefit destination marketing? It allows brands to connect more with their audience and generate more ROI than text or image-based campaigns alone.

Show Off a Destination’s Personality

Two destinations may have similar attributes or amenities with entirely different vibes. Is your destination quiet and family-friendly, or all about the nightlife? A video is the easiest way to showcase the personality of your destination to attract the right audience.

More Memorable in Consumers’ Eyes

Viewers remember 95% of a message viewed via video compared to only 10% via text. Using videos for your tourism ads makes them that much more likely to make an impact.

Higher ROI Than Other Marketing Channels

People share videos 1200% more than text and images combined. Extend your reach (and your ROI) with travel videos.

Stronger Emotional Connection With Viewers

Creating an emotional connection with customers is the key to increasing their spending over time. 70% of consumers who are emotionally engaged with a brand spend two times or more with that brand compared to unengaged consumers.

4 Creative Travel Video Ideas for Your Destination

Keeping tourism ads or general videos fresh and creative is key to standing out against the competition. Drive visitors and revenue by adapting the following four travel video ideas to your destination.

1. Feature an Interactive Experience

Dreams Resorts’ “Experience Dreams” campaign aimed to get viewers to book a vacation at the resort or enter a contest for a chance to win a free vacation.

Forge Apollo crafted an interactive PR experience to capture their audience with virtual reality visual and sensory experiences.

The video shows people in a busy city park in the winter going on “virtual vacations.” Virtual reality headsets with a 360-degree view of the beach immersed them visually. A beach chair, heaters, toes in the sand, and pineapple drink in hand immersed them physically.

The creative, interactive format of the video allowed people to engage better and get in the vacation headspace.

2. Engage With Online Trends

When fashion and beauty “through the ages” videos were thriving, Breathless Resorts and Spas got in on the trend with an “Evolution of the Bikini” video.

The video features social media influencer and model Amanda Cerny showing off bathing suit trends from the 1890s to the modern day.

By partnering with an influencer and engaging with a current trend, the video got over 22 million views. It provided Breathless Resorts with a 25% increase in web traffic in only six days.

3. Get Emotional

When Secrets Resorts & Spas wanted to increase emotional engagement with its audience, Forge Apollo knew a video was vital.

The video features couples sharing things about each other they find annoying. Then, they spend 30 seconds looking into each other’s eyes. Afterward, their affection and connection are positive and strong. The video ends with the statement, “If this could happen in just 30 seconds, imagine with a getaway would do.”

Secrets used this in an email campaign with an offer and drove millions of dollars in incremental revenue and bookings without showing the resort in the video.

4. Create a Content Library from One Shoot

64% of consumers want to see high-quality video production. Trying to produce professional quality tourism ads and travel videos regularly might seem overwhelming or time-consuming.

Creating a content library based on one shoot is a way to make that simple.

AMR got a library of 245 high-end assets from a single video shoot by partnering with Philadelphia video marketing agency Forge Apollo.

Video Tourism Marketing Experts in the Philadelphia Area

Creating unique and captivating tourism videos is vital for destination marketing. For high-quality video production services in Philadelphia or any destination, partner with the award-winning video production team at Forge Apollo. Contact us today to get started!

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