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The Best Tourism Campaigns of 2023

Now that the year is over, it’s time to reflect and draw inspiration for a new year of tourism marketing.

The Philadelphia-based video and digital marketing team at Forge Apollo has worked in the tourism industry for years. In no particular order, we’ve gathered some of the best tourism campaigns we saw in 2023 to inspire your next year of campaigns.

1. IcelandAir – Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave

IcelandAir is an airline offering flights to Iceland and Europe, with the option for free stopovers in Iceland. They created a humorous campaign about how easy it is to stop in Iceland between destinations but how hard it is to leave because of how wonderful the country is. 

Our favorite videos in this campaign include one trying to track down a passenger and another featuring their “polite bouncer.”

2. Visit California – Keeping Up With The Canadians

Visit California is a non-profit organization that creates marketing programs to promote California tourism activity. They created a tourism campaign called “Keeping Up With the Canadians,” in which Canadians who have relocated to California share their favorite Californian spots and activities.

Honorable Mention:

Visit California also celebrates unleashing your inner child with this fun video campaign.

3. Travelodge – Better Get a Travelodge

Travelodge operates a range of hotels throughout the UK and Ireland. In their “Better Get a Travelodge” travel marketing campaign, they shared humorous videos of people imagining the outcome of not getting a hotel for their trip.

4. Bonjour Quebec – Summer All Out in Quebec

Bonjour Quebec promotes tourism within Quebec. They run campaigns about all of the things visitors can do in Quebec, and one of them was this stunning video that highlights that summer is the time to go all out.

5. Secrets Resorts – Showcasing Tranquility

Secrets Resorts & Spas showcased the serene beauty of their Bahia Real Resort and Lanzarote Resort in a series of video advertisements produced by Forge Apollo. Each ad oozes their resorts’ beautiful, luxurious, and tranquil nature in a way that leaves viewers longing to book their next getaway.




We Can Help With Tourism Marketing Ideas

If you’re struggling to develop creative ideas for your tourism campaigns, Forge Apollo is here to help. Our creative strategists host collaborative Writers’ Rooms in which we brainstorm the best ideas for your next campaign. Then, our experienced video production company brings the concepts to life in stunning quality. Contact us today to get started.

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