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6 Video Marketing Examples for Healthcare Practices

With 91% of businesses using video marketing, brands in every industry need to use video to keep pace with the competition, let alone get ahead.

15% of those who don’t use video marketing say it’s because they don’t know where to start. If you are in the same boat, we’re here to inspire your strategy with these healthcare video marketing ideas.

Forge Apollo is an award-winning provider of video marketing services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Let’s dive into some of our favorite healthcare videos.

1. Amplify Fundraising Efforts

Extend the reach and impact of your fundraising campaign with healthcare video production. Share these videos during fundraising events or share them on other channels during the fundraising period to connect with potential donors.

Forge Apollo produced this video for Main Line Health to amplify the impact of their “Meet the Moment Campaign,” which aimed to allocate resources where they’re needed most.

2. Introduce Your Providers

Introduce your providers to make potential patients more comfortable. Sharing a provider’s experience, story, and even their face and voice can improve a patient’s trust and comfort in choosing them.

For example, in this video, the founder of Vibe Optometry introduces herself and describes how she started the business.

The Texas Joint Institute introduces one of its orthopedic surgeons in this example.

3. Showcase Patient Experience

Marketing video production that showcases patient experience can add more oomph to your campaigns with social proof. Whether a simple testimonial captured on camera or a larger story, real patient experiences connect with an audience.

For example, this mini-documentary that Forge Apollo produced for Main Line Health highlighted patient experience in the trauma care department. It also won a 2023 Mid-Atlantic Emmy and a Silver Telly award.

These videos share more simple testimonials.

4. Give a Facility Tour

Show patients what they can expect from your facilities with a video facility tour.

For example, Futures Recovery Healthcare used this tour to give potential patients a virtual tour during the social distancing era.

OSF Urgo used this video to highlight their urgent care centers’ new facilities and capabilities.

Similarly, Tyson Emergency Center shares its treatment center in this video, along with the benefits it adds to its existing treatment options.

5. Explainer or How-To Videos

Showcase your expertise and educate your audience with videos that explain how to do something or share crucial knowledge.

In this video, for example, the Cleveland Clinic shares tips for recognizing a stroke.

6. Recruiting

Recruiting qualified medical professionals is as important as attracting new patients. To help with your recruiting efforts, make videos featuring your culture and advancement opportunities.

For example, Main Line Health shares its culture in this recruiting video.

High-Quality Health Care Video Production

We hope these videos have inspired you to incorporate video marketing into your strategy. However, quality is critical when it comes to healthcare video production. Viewers will equate video quality with care quality, so partnering with a trusted provider of video marketing services is key. Forge Apollo has won multiple awards for our marketing video production pieces. Contact us today for digital and video marketing in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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