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6 Reasons Why Corporate Event Video Production is Worth It

89% of businesses say events are crucial to reach their goals. Corporate event video production can help your company get the most value from your events.

Forge Apollo is an event video production company serving Philadelphia and other areas. Today, we’re breaking down how to use event videos to drive value and the benefits of working with a professional production company.

What is an Event Video?

Simply put, event videos capture what happens at an event to commemorate it for attendees or share it with those not in attendance. Event videos can also mean a video produced to play at an event, like an award nominee introduction or a new product showcase.

How to Use Event Videos

There are several powerful use cases for event videos. Let’s explore how companies can use them before, during, and after an event.

Before the Event

Use clips from your last event to promote the next one. Get attendees excited about specific speakers, for example. Or, if you’re producing videos to air at the event, use clips in your marketing to give attendees a teaser.

Social media and email are the two biggest marketing channels for events. Video drives engagement on these platforms for more effective event marketing. In fact, short-form video is the most effective content for 66% of consumers on social media.

During the Event

61% of event professionals found their most significant challenge with virtual events was keeping attendees engaged. A series of short, well-produced videos can help with online and in-person event engagement.

For example, Forge Apollo produced this video to show at a virtual event for Main Line Health.

After the Event

Event videos allow you to leverage your event long after it ends. Use a video to:

  • Promote your brand by sharing the event with a larger online audience
  • Recap the event for attendees or people who couldn’t make it
  • Share insightful clips to promote thought leadership
  • Provide on-demand access to sessions or speakers
  • Boost SEO by sharing event clips on YouTube and your website
  • Show off your culture to help with recruiting
  • Commemorate a significant moment
  • Use the footage to promote the event the following year

For example, Forge Apollo produced the following video to promote an event Giant Food Stores held with the Philadelphia 76ers.

In this example, Forge Apollo used event footage and interviews to build a story of GMH’s culture to help with recruiting efforts.

Forge Apollo produced this video to help Arctic Buzz commemorate its Texas Restaurant Association event attendance.

6 Benefits of Professional Corporate Event Video Production

When planning an event budget, companies may wonder if they should hire a video production company or hand a camera to an intern. Working with a professional team for corporate video production in Philadelphia and other areas has several benefits that make event video cost worth it.

1. High Production Value

Video production companies, like Forge Apollo, have the equipment and expertise to produce high-quality content. Polished shot composition and editing make your company and the event look like the professional, first-rate organization you are.

2. Tell a Better Story

Want your event to be memorable? People are 22 times more likely to remember something when it’s part of a story. Professional video producers know how to craft a story in video and will ensure that your video contains a compelling story.

3. Meet Your Deadline

Working with a professional company ensures your video is ready when needed. Forge Apollo’s Philadelphia video production team nails down your deadline up front so we can establish a timeline.

4. They Stay Out of the Way

An experienced event video production company can capture what they need without getting in your way. That allows you to focus on the event without worrying about the cameras. It also leads to more candid and natural footage.

5. Format Specific to Your Needs

A good video production team will understand how you want to use your video before they produce it. That ensures all footage can be shot and edited for the desired formats and aspect ratios.

6. Help Maximize ROI

Forge Apollo has an in-house digital marketing team to help our videos provide maximized ROI. We can strategize the distribution of your video to ensure it gets in front of the right audience and delivers the results you’re looking for.

Choose Forge Apollo for Video Production in Philadelphia and Other Areas

Corporate event video production can increase engagement at your events and provide value long afterward. Working with a professional company for video production in Philadelphia or other areas offers the best quality work on the shortest timeline. For high-quality video production for corporate events, turn to the award-winning team at Forge Apollo in Philadelphia.

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