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20 Healthcare Marketing Statistics You Should Know

Just as healthcare providers must stay current on new research and treatment practices, marketers should stay current on new healthcare marketing statistics and tactics.

Today, Forge Apollo, a trusted provider of video and digital marketing in healthcare, is here to share fresh marketing statistics and how they should impact your strategy.

Let’s dive in!

Top Stats

These are some of the top healthcare marketing statistics that you need to know based on research from multiple sources. Keep reading for more, plus how to apply them to your strategy.

  • 71% of patients won’t move forward with a healthcare provider if their website doesn’t provide enough information (Source: Google Research)
  • The average click rate for Google Ads related to health is 6.11% (Source: Healthgrades)
  • 90% of patients use reviews to help them choose a doctor (Source: Software Advice)
  • The average open rate for emails in the healthcare industry is 41.2% (Source: Constant Contact)
  • 91% of businesses use video for marketing (Source: Wyzowl)
  • 90% of Americans seek out health info on social media (Source: Healthcare Social Media for Consumer Informatics Study)

Healthcare SEO & Website Statistics

  • 89% of potential patients search for new healthcare providers on Google. (Source: Google Research)
  • 63% of those searchers chose a provider based on proximity to their work or home. (Source: Google Research)
  • 60% of them visit the provider’s website (Source: Google Research)
  • 71% won’t move forward if the website has insufficient information. (Source: Google Research)
  • The average click-through rate for organic position one in search results is 39.8%, while position 2 gets 18.7%, and spot 3 gets 10.2% (Source: FirstPageSage)

How to Use This

Be sure to focus on content creation and optimization for your organic strategy. AI and Google algorithm updates are throwing a wrench into traditional SEO expectations, but it’s still a very important base to cover.

Check out our guide to building a healthcare SEO strategy to learn how to get started with it.

It’s also vital to have an informative website that gives off a professional, trustworthy impression. For website inspiration, visit our guide on healthcare website design.

Healthcare Reputation Management Statistics

Part of your online strategy should involve reputation management. A survey from Software Advice shows us the importance of these reviews.

  • Nearly 75% of patients use online reviews as the first step in finding healthcare.
  • Almost half of patients would go outside of their insurance network to see a doctor with good reviews.
  • 90% of patients use reviews to help them choose a doctor. 
  • Two-thirds of patients feel it’s important for providers to respond to public reviews.

How to Use This

Take a look at your online reputation. What are patients saying about you? Use our guidance to respond to reviews, both positive and negative.

If you have no reviews, start requesting them from patients. You can use software to help collect feedback automatically.

Healthcare PPC Statistics

According to a study by Healthgrades:

  • The average click rate for Google Ads related to health is 6.11%
  • Hospital marketers use 85% of their budget for these ads.

How to Use This

Measure how your click rates compare to the average. Are you getting above-average performance or below? If your ads aren’t performing well, partnering with an agency to revitalize them or moving the budget elsewhere may be worthwhile.

Also, make sure to remember SEO in your search strategy. As we saw in the SEO statistics, organic results get much higher click rates than ads.

Healthcare Email Marketing Statistics

According to data from Constant Contact:

  • The average open rate for emails in the healthcare industry is 41.2%
  • The average click rate is 1.58%
  • The bounce rate is 10.62%

How to Use This

If you’re currently doing email marketing, is it performing above average? If it’s above average, are revenue-driving metrics matching that performance? If it’s low, evaluate your email list, the value your content provides them, subject lines, and content.

If email marketing isn’t a part of your strategy, it should be. Read our guide for healthcare email marketing to learn how to get started.

Healthcare Video Marketing Statistics

According to a survey from Wyzowl:

  • 91% of businesses use video for marketing
  • Video quality impacts trust for 87% of consumers
  • 90% of marketers report positive ROI from video marketing.

How to Use This

With the massive adoption of video marketing, healthcare marketers need to use this medium to stand out from the competition. However, with consumer trust linked to video quality, marketers should put strategic effort into their videos.

Video marketing agencies, like Forge Apollo in Philadelphia, can produce high-quality content for a price that maximizes ROI.

For example, Forge Apollo made this video for Main Line Health to amplify the messaging of a fundraising campaign.

To learn more about video marketing for healthcare and see real-world video examples, explore our guides on healthcare video best practices and video marketing use-case examples.

Healthcare Social Media Statistics

How to Use This

A social media strategy can help you win more patients for your practice. Identify which platforms your target audience uses, then create a schedule for regular posting. Feeling stuck with what content to post? Check out these healthcare social media post ideas.

Upgrade Your Strategy with a Marketing Partner

How does your strategy compare to these healthcare marketing statistics? If you need help upgrading your SEO, website design, PPC, email marketing, video marketing, or social media, Forge Apollo is here to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you reach more patients.

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