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41% of consumers choose doctors and hospitals based, in part, on social media information. Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination that can help practices connect with users. However,

As you try to build your practice and reach more patients, have you considered digital marketing? Creating a comprehensive healthcare digital marketing strategy is essential because this industry demands more

With a new year upon us, healthcare marketers need to reflect on how 2023 marketing trends performed to plan their 2024 strategies. In addition to regular marketing audits, staying current

What do the reviews look like when you look up yourself or your practice online? According to a survey, reviews are important to 74% of patients when choosing a healthcare

With 89% of potential patients searching for healthcare providers on Google, a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is critical to the success of your practice. However, knowing where to

Healthcare email marketing allows practices to retain and further engage existing patients while potentially attracting new ones. The average open rate for healthcare emails is 23.7%. That’s higher than the

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