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10 Creative Corporate Video Ideas For Any Industry

What are your content goals for this year? If you haven’t explored the potential advantages of producing more video content for your brand, we urge you to rethink your business objectives. Considering that 93% of businesses gain new customers through branded video content, companies can only benefit from implementing more corporate videos into their digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to eye-catching video design, Forge Apollo leads Philadelphia in modern marketing and video production techniques. We’re certainly aware of how difficult it can be to create an innovative and exciting brand video, especially when your marketing team anticipates posts regularly. We also recognize the immense value of optimizing properly-executed video content for an aspiring business. If you’re struggling to develop creative and captivating corporate video ideas, refer to the following list of deliverables appropriate for nearly any industry.

1. ASMR (Audio or Visual)

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos draw the most viewers on millions of posts across platforms, particularly video-dominant networks such as Tiktok and Youtube. ASMR content is an extensive and adaptable category that leverages universally pleasant sights and sounds for sensory stimulation and escapism. In other words, it simply sounds or looks satisfying to our human senses. Popular visual examples include soap cutting, makeup destruction, or the ever-popular playing with slime, while audio examples include nail tapping, whispering voices, and chewing food. Businesses can implement this method using a corporate video to make their product or service appear more visually appealing, or to highlight an overlooked but important design element. This tactic can be applied to various message types such as new feature announcements, packing or unboxing orders, illustrating different product uses, and promotional teasers.

2. Mistakes I’ve Made

Everyone makes mistakes, but consider how you can assist others in your industry to avoid making the same mistakes you have. Deliver educational content to your audience by describing a common challenge and how you and your team managed to overcome it. How can you use your knowledge to alleviate widespread struggles within your niche? Answer this question in an informative corporate video to effectively gain authority and appear more authentic.

3. Improper Uses of a Product

Making a video featuring ways NOT to use your product or service is an excellent and often comedic approach to making your brand more approachable to your audience. It’s an excellent opportunity to get creative and have fun, like in Forge’s April Fools service offer: Professional Marketing for Your Pet! Content creators, usually on Tiktok, rack up millions of views pushing products to their limits, intentionally misusing gadgets or techniques, and finding unconventional uses for everyday items.

4. Time-Lapse Process

Time-lapse process videos present a timely and brief summary of your creative process. They also give customers insight into internal operations, complete with a classic Behind-The-Scenes feel. Time-lapse videos are an interesting and simple way to show transparency, captivate your audience, and get them directly involved in the manufacturing process.

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5. Cheats and Hacks or Industry Secrets

If being transparent about your mistakes isn’t your style, opt for disclosing useful lessons or information you’ve learned throughout your business journey. These videos can be in the form of cheat codes, life hacks, or declassified industry secrets that can offer insights to beginners or others in your niche. You can also combine this concept with #3 to show viewers alternative applications for your product and add value to your brand image.

6. Explain Slogan or Catchphrase

Your company’s catchphrase is a considerable part of your brand image, so leverage its origin in a video post. You can also apply this video concept to your logo, color palette, or other vital aspects of your brand image. Why did you choose this design concept for the business, and why is it significant? Presenting insightful company history like this to your audience helps build meaning behind your brand.

7. Unboxing or Reveals

Yet another depiction of the customer journey, unboxing videos are very effective in building hype around a product or service offer. With the help of these videos, potential customers know what to expect when purchasing from a company and can look forward to receiving a package from them. If you’re a service provider, try revealing before and after results from your service or teasing a new exclusive offer. These methods build urgency amongst an audience and make them excited to work with you.

8. Fact or Myth

Most industries are plagued with common myths or rumors that lead to widespread misunderstanding within a niche. You can develop more authority within the community by busting one of these misconceptions for your viewers in a video. If you don’t have the resources to create video content surrounding this idea, a Jeopardy-style trivia game on your Instagram stories can be just as engaging for your audience. Myth-busting allows you to present your knowledge and expertise in an interesting and interactive way.

9. Meet the Team

Showcase the unique and positive aspects of your company culture by introducing your team members in a fun and engaging way. Try to be creative and approach descriptions unconventionally to convey specific qualities of the company that would appeal to viewers or potential applicants. Staff spotlights and introductions like these show that your brand is relatable and personable while hyping up your valued employees!

10. Feature an Expert or Influencer

The leaders in your market made it to the top by consistently establishing themselves and putting out compelling posts. Recording a video of an influencer or micro-influencer speaking on a relevant subject or hot topic within your industry will transfer their clout to your brand. You can execute this concept through exclusive interviews, webinars, voiceover tutorials, or social media takeovers.


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