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how video marketing can help grow your business

How Video Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

As the marketing world continues to evolve, so should your marketing strategy! According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will come from video content. In other words, people spend most of their time online watching video content. Therefore, if you’re not investing in video production for your business, it’s only a matter of time before your business falls behind. Learn how video marketing can help grow your business and how our video production team at Forge Apollo can help.

Video Marketing Helps Spread Brand Awareness

Before your business starts growing in sales and revenue, people need to hear about it first—with marketing. So how do you get your brand’s name out there? There are tons of possibilities from print advertising, publicity stunts, media buying, and of course, social media marketing. Thanks to social media marketing, newer businesses have a platform to promote their message to reach their target audience. To achieve optimal results, you need creative and unique content. Otherwise, your brand won’t be memorable.

Creating a Facebook ad with a picture of your product or service is fine, but people probably won’t remember it unless it’s a funny picture. However, if you opt for a creative video ad instead, people will remember that—especially if it’s unique. If it’s entertaining enough, it won’t just be memorable, but also shareable. As people continue to share your video content, brand awareness grows, and eventually, so does your revenue.

Videos Increase Engagement and Reach on Social Media

Has your social media engagement and reach felt incredibly low lately? It might have something to do with the type of content you’re posting. It’s crucial now more than ever to post regular video content. As TikTok climbs in popularity, Instagram tries to compete by pushing users to post video content or risk their content never being seen due to the algorithm. If you’re not regularly posting video content (especially Reels), don’t expect your followers, reach, or engagement to increase.

By investing in video marketing and posting regular video content, you can look forward to an increase in engagement and reach on your social media profiles. Increasing engagement and reach will increase brand awareness and sales.

For example, we partnered with model and social media influencer Amanda Cerny and received over 22 million views on the video below for Breathless Resorts and Spas. Countless publications such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and Sports Illustrated featured the video. As a result of our video marketing strategy, the video received over 153 million impressions, over 360,000 comments, shares, and likes, and a 25% increase in website traffic, which led to a rise in bookings for the resort. One single high production video reached millions of people. Needless to say, Breathless Resorts and Spas got a great return on investment.

Videos Help You Rank Higher On Search Engines

Social media platforms aren’t the only platforms that favor video content, so does Google. When you upload video content to YouTube (owned by Google), Google automatically indexes the video. As long as your video content has correct optimization on YouTube, you can look forward to seeing it pop up when users search related terms. In a lot of cases, video content will rank higher than blog content. Especially if the video garners a lot of views.

Investing in video production and posting your videos to YouTube will increase online visibility for your business. As a bonus, pages of your website can rank better if your videos link to your website in their description.

Better online visibility = more website traffic = more sales.

Tell a Compelling Story Better with Video

One of the biggest reasons video marketing is important is that it allows you to tell a compelling story. Video content can build a connection with your audience by tugging on their heartstrings, educating them about your industry or services, and so much more. When choosing to read content versus watch content, most users favor watching video content—usually with sound off, though, so captions are always necessary. It’s difficult to tell a compelling story or connect with your audience with images or text alone.

One of the beauties of video marketing is the endless room for creativity. The videos don’t even need to be directly about your product or service. For example, we created a video for Secrets Resorts & Spas where couples looked at each other for 30 seconds and talked about what they loved about their partners. The video wasn’t directly about the resort until the very end. In the end, the video encourages viewers to plan a getaway with their partner for a romantic escape. This unique video marketing strategy racked up over 1.2 million views on YouTube alone!

Video Marketing Helps You Stand Apart From Competitors

When consumers have too many options for a single product or service, video marketing can help brands stand apart. For instance, if Company A sells the exact same services as you but their marketing is boring, this is your opportunity to stand apart. Just one unique video could change a prospective customer’s from choosing company A over your company.

We’ve helped many businesses stand apart from their competitors over the years with video content marketing. For example, we helped a real estate agent stand apart from over 1,000 other real estate agents in his area by filming a regular video series that promotes local businesses. These videos show how much he cares about local businesses and is a great way to spread brand awareness in his community without an in-your-face sales approach.

Video Marketing Offers a High ROI

If you’re still not convinced that your business needs video marketing, it’s important to note that it offers an incredibly high return on investment. According to Animoto, in 2020, 93% of businesses landed a new customer from video content posted on social media. One customer can lead to repeat business. In addition, one customer who has a positive experience will likely result in word-of-mouth marketing that leads to even more customers. With the right video content, your business will grow.

how video marketing can help grow your business

Get Video Marketing in Philadelphia From Forge Apollo

If you’re searching for video marketing services in the Philadelphia area, look no further than Forge Apollo. Our digital and video marketing agency can handle everything from scriptwriting and total production to an effective social media marketing strategy. Contact our award-winning video marketing agency today by calling 267-314-8067 or filling out our contact form to book a free consultation. Find out how we can help grow your business with a unique video marketing strategy, just like we’ve done for many other businesses.

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